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A Voice From the Grave Soon to Be Released in Audio

A Voice From the Grave in Audio

A Voice from the Grave my historically correct fiction which involves a mysterious death will soon be released in audio form. It will be in mp3 format and the entire book will be on one disk. It is unabridged and the reader will be able to download to their computer, ipad, kindle, ipod, itunes or any other electronic device that holds mp3’s.

This format is great for people who are traveling and don’t like to handle disks while they are driving. Just pop the one disk in and listen to the entire book without ever changing cd’s. It is also good for those who are sight challenged as they don’t have to fool with changing disk.

The audio book is great for those who are in the hospital or stay in bed due to illness. They don’t have to worry with holding a book or changing the disk. Just put this one disk in the player and listen to the entire book.

The Music used for this audio book has been mastered by Derek Whitacre who masters the music for the Abby Scenes on NCIS.

A Voice from the Grave is my first audio book, there will be more to follow if this one is a success.

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