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Dream Catcher Failure Was Never An Option

Dream Catcher Failure Was Never An Option

Have you ever wondered if someone you met or saw who appeared to be challenged had any thoughts of unfulfilled dreams? If they thought like “normal” people or if they were a drain on society and their families. Have you ever wondered how a family could embrace and love someone who is “different” Have you ever wondered what that family felt, how they coped or how they managed their lives around someone who is challenged?

Do you take the time to treat someone who is different with the same respect that you would want to be treated with? Have you ever considered that they have feelings, they love, hurt and feel pain and loss like the rest of us? Have you ever stopped to listen to what they have to say or are you to busy to take that extra moment in order for them to articulate their thoughts out loud because it takes them longer? Have you ever taken the time to pause to listen to their opinions even thought it takes them longer to be understood?

Have you ever looked into their eyes and seen the large capacity of love and total acceptance they have for themselves and those they love? Have you ever taken advantage of someone who is challenged simply because they are an easy target? Do you make fun of them behind their backs with remarks like “riding the short bus?”

Have you forgotten that in some way we are all challenged? We all have things about us that make us not only different but unique. Yes, even the geniuses of this world don’t fit. The reason they think on a higher plane than most of us.

When Stan was born in 1952 children like him were put away in back rooms and asylums in order to shield them from the prying eyes of the public. That was not the real reason. The reason was the families were ashamed of these children who were not “perfect.” They were an embarrassment and a drag on the family. Most of these children died behind locked doors, had experiments used on them, were abused mentally, physical, sexually and emotionally all in the name of science. Any chance they had of being productive in society was destroyed by doctors, caretakers and even families.

Stan however, was one of the fortunate ones. His parents refused to allow him to be put away “for the good of the rest of the family.” He was taken home and taught how to be a productive person within the family unit and in society.
However, society was not always kind or considerate to him. He had his trials and tribulations. He was taken advantage of ridiculed and cruelly teased. But through it all he learned to be the wonderful productive man he is today.

He learned to control the anger that welled upside of him when people would tease him cruelly, he learned how to be passed over in jobs, how to accept demotions when it suited his employer because they could and he wouldn’t fight back. He learned how to work at jobs that most of us wouldn’t because he wanted to work so bad. He learned that his greatest asset was his family who always had his back.

He learned that women used him not for friendship but for the money he had. He learned that trust is a very fragile thing that is often times broken because of greed and lies. He learned to hide his pain and hurt behind his mantra “It’ll be alright.”

He can never marry or have children, something he has always wanted. He can never be totally independent because of the evil in the world and he has no defenses to fight it off.

However, he is living his dream, he is loved, he works and makes his own money. He travels by air to Florida and he is surrounded by those who guard him with the blanket of love and care. He has dreams and goals some of those he will accomplish and some he won’t – but he is still successful simply because he works toward those goals and dreams.

Dream Catcher, Failure Was Never an Option is his story. It is the story of one’s man’s success at a time when failure was the only option given to his parents. Sadly even though we have fooled ourselves into believing that we have put the ugly past behind us and that our special people are in a different place they aren’t.

They are still ridiculed, abused, teased, ignored and treated like they are a piece of furniture. Parents have taught their children to bully this wonderful people, to abuse them and to see just how miserable they can make the life of these unique and wonderful individuals. They are treated with disdain,and rudeness in the work place and in public.

We give lip service to how wonderful we treat them, but it is a lie. They are expected to perform at the same level as “normal” children in schools, act and behave like “normal” children at all times, and when they don’t they are thrown in handcuffs and hauled off to jails and juvenile halls and hosptials.

Not all handicaps are visual, many are emotional and mental. It is time to take these children out of the dark, put them in the light and allow them to grow at their rate. With love, the correct type of discipline (there is no one size fits all) and most of all acceptance. Unconditional acceptance! They didn’t ask to be born different, they didn’t ask to be brought into a world who refuses to accept anything they can’t explain away. They have just learned to play the hand they have been dealt. Help them to be a winner. Give them a hand up and a shoulder to lean on. Be their friend, a true friend who always has their back.

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  2. I read these stories and I know it to be true. I am a US Army Soldier stationed at Fort Stewart GA. I will admit things where not great in my home but nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to the HELL Liberty County DFCS put my kids through. First they lied to me about helping. They play parents against eachother making you look so bad. My oldest daughter told many people my two babies where being abused. I could see it in there eyes they were just righting this is bring tears to my eyes. They were so ill looking. One week later after I went down everyday to demand they look into the matter my childrent were removed from the home and placed in another. I asked why they were removed and was told because the Foster Mother couldn’t deal with me. They kept telling me you don’t need a lawyer. I was told its my fault my kids were there. I schycological however it spelled anyways the Judge ordered as soon as it comes back he wanted to see it. They scheduled me an appointment out for 6 months. I was devistated well I called the place my self and got an appointment 8 days later. The lady told me that when DFCS had wanted it. O but guess what I couldnt look at my outcome nope. They told me my sychological said this and it said that. Come to find out it never said that, the Army had pulled it for a trial I was involved in. I was told that it said I was abusive that I need mental help it never said that. When my sychological came back they did not take it to judge nope. I had been dragged in to court sometimes once a week always praying that would be the day. Everytime I went to visit my kids I would just be tormented. The Foster mother would start basicly throwing my kids at me when I went to pick them up at DFCS O I had to be watched. I have NEVER hit one of my kids in there life. I am a great Father to my kids. I was told I needed a Domestic Violence assesment. So I went one better I took a 3 day Federaly sactioned Domestic Violence class giving by The US Army. Well my case plan complete nope they told me I still needed assesment so I go and try to get one MR D we will Pay no I went there paper work not done. Lady says to me she knows what needs to be signed and then pulls me to side and tells me to be very carefull and not to trust them. She could see my eyes swelling up with tears. I go again two days later DCFS MR D we just decided you need to take Domestic Violence Class. I said I have one its Federal Aproved. NO MR D you need to go to ours go sign up for it here. I go to sign up its 14 week class one hour every wendsday. I was pissed. I tell you I cried everyday. Everyday it got to the point I wanted to KILL my self. They would change case workers on me so fast so fast I barley know there names. I think they do that purposley. I finly got to the point where I would tell them off and hang up. They kept pulling me into court makeing lies about me. Telling the judge my kids don’t even want to live with me. I tell the only thing that kept me from ripping thier heads off was the love for my kids. I did not want them taking it out on them. Mr D your x says you drink we think you should take drug and achool assesment. O jesus what now. I went to the Army took a drug and Alcool assesment. GUESS what I was told I dont need to be enrolled in drug and alchool class. GUESS what I told them to enroll me anyways and I passed all blood tests everything. I did not tell DFCS I went. I handed them the report saying I did not have a problem. Well MR D you just talked your way through that we think you should go. I pulled the completion out of my folder and she was pissed. Well you need to go to ours.HA I told her I know the judge will except this dont even I know he will except my Domestic Violence class to but hell I was already taken the ones they wanted me to do. I was denied visits to Doctors for months Denied there medical records wich I was still paying on. Got the letter of them saying NO and they told Doctor they didnt know. Its there trick its a tactict they use. Well when I got my kids back Doctor told me they violated my hippa rights he didnt fall under there clause o they pay everyone in there circle it a buisness. HOW THE HELL CAN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GIVE GEORGIA MONEY THEY DONT EVEN FOLLOW THERE RULES. THE GOVERNER SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. I FIGHT FOR MY COUNTRY AND I THINK WHAT THE HELL AM I FIGHTING FOR. IS THE US REALLY THIS DIRTY. I want to SUE DFCS but lawyers really dont want to sue state. I tell you what I am JOHN DRESEL look me up on internet I have given many years in Iraq defending my country who cares nothing about me. I have many awards but that dont matter you can just see I’m a loving person. If there is ANY ONE WHO WANTS TO SUE DFCS IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA OR TAKE MY CASE I HAVE EVERY DOCUMENT FROM THE VERY START I WANT YOU TO CALL ME 912-980-0205

    Comment by John Dresel | September 25, 2011 | Reply

  3. i just want to say I wrote this fast and im not good at spelling and wrote this fast

    Comment by John Dresel | September 25, 2011 | Reply

  4. yvonne you have put to gether a great site. I want to know why if you can put out all this information dont’t you group all the of us in a fight to stand up to these monsters I will donate money. I know there are people like me out there. I said when my kids where taken from me I am going to change the laws of Georgia. john.p.dresel 912-980-0205

    Comment by John Dresel | September 25, 2011 | Reply

  5. John, thank you for that compliment, I have never been good at running groups for one thing, there becomes to much drama and things that I don’t abide by very well. Second I no longer live in Georgia. If I did it would be easier to do that. Last but not least, I provide the information and I leave it up to others who live in Ga. to do what they have to do. I know that doesn’t make any sense. My daughter lost her battle with Jackson County DCF they blackmailed her into signing over her children, it sort of took the fight out of me. We fought for over two years. My here on the blog and them threatening her and abusing her and her children. So now I fight quietly.

    Comment by yvonnemason | September 25, 2011 | Reply

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