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When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound Has Finally been Released!

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When Fates Collide – Mardi Gras Bound

PORT ST. LUCIE — “What happens when you put two of the most irreverent women (one a bounty hunter and the other, a case of mistaken identity) together for a rip-roaring, hilariously wild adventure?

“When fates collide – Mardis Gras Bound” is the sequel to the popular mystery adventure, “When fates collide – A Morgan and Harrington Mystery.”

This time around, join bounty hunter Alex Morgan and her new friend, a former mistaken suspect jumper, Hope Harrington as they head to New Orleans during Mardi Gras for the bounty of a lifetime…a descendant of the legendary Marie Laveau, herself!

Strap yourselves in tight for the ride of your wildest imagination, through swamps, all the while meeting some of the most colorful characters imaginable!

This is sure to be one adventure Alex and Hope will never forget!”

The second in a series of many to come, best-selling authors, YVONNE MASON and ANDREA DEAN VA N SCOYOC, lend their talent for the absurdly comedic, in this, split your sides laughing, tale.

One adventure you surely WON’T want to miss

Best Selling Florida Author Yvonne Mason has released her ninth book Mardi Gras Bound co- written with Best Selling Florida Author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc.

Mardi Gras Bound is the second in the Morgan and Harrington series. A tongue in cheek comedy about bounty hunter Alex Morgan and her sidekick Hope Harrington who find themselves in many odd and hilarious situations and places.

Mardi Gras Bound takes these two totally opposite women to New Orleans during Mardi Gras to pick up a jumper named Marie Laveau. They are joined by an unlikely cast of equally funny characters as they chase Marie through the Bayous and Swamps of New Orleans as Marie casts voodoo spells and leaves her trail of slithery gifts for Alex and Hope.

Mardi Gras Bound is a stand alone book however, to get the full effect of Alex and Hope and their strange friendship you might want to also pick up When Fates Collide the first in the series.

This book comes with a disclaimer, we are not responsible for you the reader laughing until you soil your clothes. It will keep you laughing long after you have reached the last page.

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Think that just because you don’t have a Kindle or a Nook that you can’t read my books on a device?

I know there are many of you out there that don’t yet own a kindle or nook book for what ever reason. Maybe you have an ipad or just a phone that will let you download books or maybe you just have your computer. Well if you enjoy reading, but want to do it electronicly well now you can. All of my books are in PDF format at they are very reasonably prices and you can download immediately.
You can also order the paperbacks there as well.
With technology the way it is today there is no reason someone can’t enjoy their favorite author with any device or the book.
Iphone offers an Amazon kindle app. On Amazon you can get a sneak peek at the contents of my books.
I love hearing from my readers almost as much as I love writing. As an indie author, I have advantages that traditional authors don’t have. I have control. I can publish my books in any form at any time for any device. I have control.
As a reader you can feel free to contact me. You can’t do that with a traditional author. They have no control over their facebook page, their webpage or anyother form of contact. It is all taken care of by the publishing house. The only time you can get a signed book is if you fight your way to he head of the line at a book signing that usually only last for two hours. As an indie author you have access to me to ask questions, request signed copies of my books and interact with me personally.
So support us indies we are a great bunch of folks.

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