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I can now be found on itunes with a podcast.

A Voice from the Grave
I can now be found on itunes. the first podcast is a demo of my audio book A Voice From the Grave. The book should be available by the end of august just in time for Christmas shopping. It will be in mp3 format and on one disk. The book is unabridged. For those of you who are unaware what unabridged means, it means that the entire book will be on the disk.
You will be able to download the book to your computer so that you can download it to your kindle, ipad, ipad or iphone. You will also be able listen to it in your vehicle. The price will be around 18.95 which is much less expensive than prior audio books. The beauty of this disk is that once it is in the player it doesn’t have to be changed until it is done. This is great for when one is driving long distances and doesn’t need to be fooling around changing disks in traffic. It is also great for those who have vision disabilities. The disk can be put in the player and it is done. Finally it is really nice for those who have to spend alot of time in bed the disk goes in the player and there is no book to try to hold up.
This is the wave of the future. All new cars and trucks will have the mp3 players in them. Enjoy the demo and I look forward to selling you my work. There will be more of my books on audio in the future. So look for them.

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