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I love Bad Reviews!

Silent Scream

I love a bad review, and you ask why! Well it is simple. When someone writes a bad review especially someone who has several reviews on Amazon and not one of them are good, it makes me smile. The reason I smile is obviously this person has nothing more to do with their time except bashing others. It must come from a deep seeded repression as a child. Maybe they weren’t allowed to fly as children and hate those of us who have flown. Or maybe it is a deep seeded jealously because they haven’t been able to live their dream what ever that may be. I said all of that to say this. A Mr. Barry Aldag read my book Silent Scream. Now while he is entitled to his opinion which are like something else everyone has one, he obviously had no clue as to the way I wrote the book. Every law enforcement person who has read the book understood – the victims families understood, the men who worked the crime and convicted Schaefer understood. The people who were affected by this horrible crime knew exactly what I was doing. Even Roy Hazelwood the FBI profiler who helped me understood. The victims families called me to thank me for what I did, they said it gave them peace. So all that being said let me just enlighten Mr. Albag.
Below is his review: I will take it apart and explain for this slow learner. “The author makes use of questions to the reader…ad infinitum. There are entire paragraphs that consist of one question after another pertaining to the previous paragraph. They quickly become tiresome, and distracting.

I wasn’t impressed with the order in which these cases were presented, either. I’d rather read about the people involved during the course of the book, but this author added the personal details of the people about whom she wrote towards the end of the book, with very little information given about the victims and their lives prior to meeting Schaefer. Considering that this book was supposed to give voice to the ‘silent screams’ of the victims, I find it odd that the author didn’t give them much attention in her work. It was mostly about the murderer, and his twisted thought process.”

He states that I make use of questions to the reader… ad infintum (he thinks he is smart using $5.00 words)- Mr. Albag there was a very good reason for this. There were things that I knew that I didn’t have the research on – As a writer of true crime I don’t put anything in the book if I don’t have it in writing as gospel. The things I asked the questions about were things that I was told second hand. Any author will tell you that if you want to be factual you don’t use second hand information without back up.
He also said they became tiresome- obviously he isn’t in the habit of thinking things through. He just wants to be spoon fed his information.

Next complaint was there was very little information about the victims before he met Schaefer, well Mr. Albag, had it not been for Schaefer you nor anyone else would have ever known about them at all. The point of the book was for the reader to be in that place, to understand on a small level what happened to those girls and how they might have felt as they were being tortured and murdered. Hence the information about Schaefer and his twisted evil mind. Which Susan Place’s uncle called and thanked me for doing.
Again, get out of your box.

The last comment was really good, he states that I didn’t give a voice to the victims until the end of the book. Seriously? you didn’t hear them screaming as they were handcuffed, hung and gagged- tortured then murdered- raped after they were dead and then dismembered like yesterday slab of meat? Again was your head up your ass?
The girls were put at the end for a simple reason, that is where they wanted to be. That is what they wanted, it is their roll call so the reader will always remember!

Apparently Mr. Albag apparently has no empathy for the victims. He has no sympathy for their families. He has no idea how this affected the entire law enforcement who worked this case and still does to this day.
Mr. Albag referred to misspelled words, well he obviously doesn’t understand that when direct quotes are written it has to included all misspellings not matter how much it aggravates the writer. That is just the nature of the beast.

His last (supposedly) insult was he would never read my work again. My response is good. I didn’t write it for you. I wrote it for the girls – myself- my husband and those who worked the case and I wrote it to give the girls peace. It wasn’t about you. It was about them and I wrote it the way they wanted me to.
I don’t want you to read my work- you aren’t good enough to read my work you don’t deserve to read my work- especially when every review without fail that you post is always negative. It isn’t about you!

Next he states that he didn’t like the way the story was written. To bad, it was written the way it was solved. With my background and my degree that is how I saw it and that is how my victims saw it – Had it not been for the two who got away the case would have never been solved. Had it not been for Georgia Jessup and Susan Place being found on Hutchinson Island he would have never ever been convicted and he would have been allowed to kill again. So get over it. Think outside the box. Use your mind for something beside video games. And one last thing, my books are best sellers.

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  2. Ha ha! This is fabulous! This reminds me of the moronic nimrod who left a bad review for my book, A Walk In The Moonlight, which is a collection of personal accounts of hauntings in my life.

    Her review basically stated that she couldn’t get her money back for wasting her time reading accounts of my pathetic so-called, “paranormal experiences.”

    This woman is sooooooooo stupid that even after someone left a comment to her review…pointing out that being as the book’s description plainly states that the collection is about MY personal experiences with the paranormal, what did she suspect that she’d be reading…she left her review up!

    That’s okay…I’m sure that everyone who reads it sees her for what she is…just like this idiot who left the bad review of your book…a pathetic piece of wasted skin, with no life, no hopes or dreams and no aspirations that mean anything and so therefore, those of us who ARE successful have to pay.

    Just enjoy it, honey. Life is hard. Anyone who makes us laugh whether at them or abour them, due to their own stupidity…well, they gotta be worth a little something. 😉

    Love ya my sister…

    Comment by Mistress Macabre | October 12, 2011 | Reply

    • As I love you- and that my dear is so true- they do lead sad lives with no hope for living their dreams. He wanted his fifteen seconds of fame and he got it.

      Comment by yvonnemason | October 12, 2011 | Reply

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