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A Voice for those Who can’t Speak for Themselves.

The Last Rites- A True Crime

One of the reasons I write true crime is to give a voice to those who can no longer speak for themselves. Those nameless victims who have disappeared or been killed under horrible circumstances and once they fall off the front page of the paper they are forgotten. These are the people who call out to me to have their voices heard. To be remembered to let others know that at one time they lived, were loved and loved. They had families who miss them, who loved them and who will spend the rest of their lives wondering why.
I can’t always answer that question, but what I can do is give those families some peace – the peace that their child, wife, mother, sister is not forgotten as we travel our busy lives. These people at one time lived, who knows what they might have done with their lives- who they might have become- where they might have gone had their lives not been snuffed out way to soon.
I am not saying these victims were perfect none of us are. We all make mistakes and bad decisions. That being said it doesn’t mean that anyone deserves to be destroyed by another just because they are where they are in life.
I give them a voice- I give them peace.
If any of you out know of anyone, or has someone in your life who was taken way to soon due to the evil intent of another and want their story told – Contact me.

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