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A New Venue to Purchase My Books…

Tangled Minds

Okay readers there is another venue where you can now purchase my books. That would be the itunes store. Below is the link for one of them

Currently there are four listed with the rest to follow. This is just another way you can order my books or give as gifts. You can buy an itunes gift card at your local store and the person you give it to can download to their computer or their phone.

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Have You Ever Wondered How to Reach your Teen and Felt Like You Were Talking to a Brick Wall…

Tangled Minds

When I was a young adult my mother said that at times she wished she could bury her children when they became teenagers and dig them up again when they reached 30. The reason is teens and young adults go through a stage where they think they have all the answers to all the questions when they don’t even know the questions. It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I understood her feelings. It wasn’t until I had children of my own and heard them say the same things to me that I had once said to my own wonderful mother. One of them being, “But I want to make my own mistakes.” Well, my mother in her infinite wisdome allowed me to do just that and some mistakes I could never fix. I in turn allowed my children to do the same and some mistakes can never be fixed. Hopefully they can be learned from so as not to be repeated.
That being said, my book Tangled Minds is taken from real life experiences, that have been embelished for the sake of the fiction story. The crime in the book happened. It happened in Gainesville Georiga and the young man went to prison for 10 years for his part. My oldest daughter started having children at 16 years old and she refused to take responsiblity for her actions. She made some very bad decisions but not as bad at the character in the book.
The book has been compared to John Steinbeck’s Mice and Men. While fiction the story contains many life’s lessons.
Tangled Minds takes the reader on a journey traveled by Brianna Van Pelt a seventeen year old teen with her entire life before her. In on split second she makes a decision that not only stays with her- it leads her to other very bad and life changing decisions which spill over into bad decisions made by her son. It brings to mind the old saying, “the sins of the fathers are revisited on the children.”
This book while fiction holds nothing back and if read with an open mind while entertaining teaches many lessons that the young need to know. If you can’t talk to your teen, or if they just tune you out buy them this book. You as the parent read it first. There are lessons for you as well. Just becasue we do all we can to teach our children morals and give them a moral compass they don’t always use it. We can’t carry that guilt. It falls on them.
Tangled Minds, bad decisions, life’s lessons

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For Those of You Who Don’t Know……

Brilliant Insanity

For those of you who are not friends with me on Facebook, and I don’t know why you aren’t yet, and for those of you who are but don’t see my page all the time, listen up.

My book Brilliant Insanity is on Amazon Kindle best seller list and has stayed on there consistently since it was uploaded over two years ago.

If you enjoy reading stories about serial killers and especially serial killers with a twist then this book is for you. If you live in on the East Coast of Florida – especially near the Treasure Coast and have been to Archie’s on South Hutchinson Island then you will want to read this book. If you have ever been to Savannah or traveled on US1 between Vero Beach and Ft. Pierce then you want to read this book.

Brilliant Insanity is told in first person by the killer. He is smart- actually genius- manipulative- and different. He weaves his story with narcissism and glee. He makes his reader love to hate him and hate to love him. He has no remorse- but he wants understanding.

Brilliant Insanity was written while I was researching Silent Scream which is my true crime about Florida’s First Serial killer. The personality of my killer in Brilliant Insanity is close to Gerard Schaefer who killed between 9-34 young girls and women between 1966 and 1973.

Silent Scream A True Crime

Brilliant Insanity while fiction has the same traits as fact. Serial killers are narcissistic, sociopaths who really believe that what they are doing is okay. Most of them have an IQ that is on the genius level. They have no remorse and everything is always about them.

Even though Brilliant Insanity is Fiction there are lessons that can be learned from this book- Silent Scream is full of lessons as well as showing the reader the pain, torture, and suffering that Schaefer’s victims suffered.

All of my books can be found on Amazon Kindle, Nook Book,, Amazon and my online bookstore

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