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Every Author Needs Professional Photos for Exposure

Every author must have professional photos taken. Why? you ask. The answer is simple. While ones done by family and friends are wonderful and will do in a pinch, an author who is serious needs that professional touch to add to the pop of their books. A professional photo tells alot about the author. If done right it will enhance the audience the author is trying to reach. I had mine updated right before Halloween. It was a pefect setting and a perfect place. Since I write dark genres the photographer knew exactly what lighting to use. Our setting was not staged inside a building. Nor was I specifically asked to pose for the shot. This is what creates good shots. There were thirty shots taken and I chose three. These will go on the backs of my books.

As you can see these photos tell a story. That story is me. When it is done by a professional the story becomes part of the book. I highly recommend that every writer who decides to publish have a professional do your photos for your books and advertising materials. All of these photgraphs are copywrited by Forever Photographers and subject to their rules and regs. They are placed on thos blog for teaching purposes only.

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  1. Thank you dear for the info. I am moving right along with the book the 2nd book is coming out soon. Every one says the 2nd book will sale the first one? What have you been up to? My web site is looking better www,

    Looks like you are booked . Best to you Jane

    Comment by Jane McCormick | November 8, 2011 | Reply

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