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My Grammer School Nightmares in Reading and Writing.

I have been reading since before I went to school. My mother taught me to read and write when I was five years old. Before that she read to me. When I was in first and second grade the lady who ran the library at school used to try to keep me locked into those one word books, “Run, Jane.” See Jane run.” I was bored. So I went to the next level and she almost didn’t let me check them out. She told me they were to old for me to understand. Seriously!

When we sat in a reading group I would be finished with the book before the group was through reading out loud. To say I was bored is an understatement. I had a teacher one time tell me that I had not finished a book and that if I had I didn’t understand what I had read. I had to tell her what was in the book.

When I had to write something I wrote above the heads of most of the kids in the class and the teachers didn’t believe I wrote it. To say that they never believed that I was so advanced in reading and writing is an understatement. The reason they didn’t believe it – I was not very bright in math. I hated it. Sure it was logical but it made no sense to me. So they tried to retard my other accomplishments. Which in turn made me feel stupid and under accomplished I was never given credit for the things I did right. The creative talent of writing. The creative talents of the arts. For years I hated them for that.

My words meant nothing to anyone and after a time they meant nothing to me. So I pushed it aside and the inner child, the voices in my head that created wonderful stories left. They hid for years. I became what was expected of me. I became what others wanted me to be. I became respectable. I still hated math, but I managed.

I succeeded at what I did but I didn’t feel successful. There was always something missing. I felt repressed and stifled. I needed to write. I needed to be able to express myself.

Had I been encouraged in my writing, had someone said, “I believe you can do this.” my writing career might have started off sooner than it did. Had there been an appreciation for the fact that I had a gift who knows where I might be today.

The point of this is- within all of us there are stories, within all of us there are creative juices which should be allowed to emerge and grow. No on should ever be allowed to destroy that without our permission. On the flip side of that coin we should never try to destroy someone else’s dream either. We should encourage them, walk with them and help them on their journey.

We are losing wordsmiths everyday to mortality. It is way past time to help the new ones up that ladder. Be a mentor- be a trailblazer- be a writer- Don’t be afraid to be unique! Don’t be afraid to let the inner child come out and play!

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