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The Dark Side is Part of History Too

Silent Scream A True Crime

As with all history there is the dark side. That side that no one can believes happens. But it does. It is as much a part of the lives of those who have gone before as the good side. Such is the story of the young women that Gerard Schaefer kidnapped, tortured and murdered between 1966 and 1972. This is part of Florida History. It is the dark side. The lives of these young women was extinquished before they even had a chance to live. The lives of their families was forever changed. The future of these young girls and women will never be known. Gerard Schaefer saw to that.

The way that law enforcement solved crimes took a different path. The way that they communicated changed forever. No longer was murders kept hidden within a department. They began to talk to each other, the term serial killer came into being. Method of Operations was monitored by the different departments. They watched for patterns and acted on those patterns. Gerard Schaefer changed the way the general public felt about a man who wore a uniform. The trust was gone.

Silent Scream is the story of this time in Florida History it has become a best seller on Amazon Kindle. It gives the girls a voice- a voice that until now has been silent.

The Last Rites

The Last Rites-
St. Lucie County was just getting back to normal after the arrest – and conviction of Gerard Schaefer when a body was found in a remote area of Fort Pierce, Florida. There was no identification, the body was in full decomp and law enforcement was at a stand still. They didn’t know if they had another serial killer on their hands or if this was just a random murder or a domestic violence murder.
This young woman 33 years old had been left to fade away into nothing as her body was ravaged by the creatures of the night and the elements of the Florida sun and heat. There was no one to report her missing-

The Last Rites is the story of Pauline Metler who was brutaly raped and executed while saying her Catholic Prayers. Her story and her death effected those who worked the crime even to this day. She was buried by the County in a Paupers grave with no stone for rememberance. It is time to remember her.

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Suprises Come in the Most Unexpected Ways

For the past few days I have been playing phone tag with someone I don’t even know. Finally yesterday We connected. It seems that this nice soft spoken woman had found thig site on the net and wanted to ask me a question. She was almost timid in her request. First she told me how she found me and that she was impressed with my story of success. The fact that it has taken me over thrity years to become published and a best seller. She was amazed that I had gone back to school in my early fifties and received my degree in Criminal Justice and then proceeded to become a Bounty Hunter.

She said all this to ask this question. She wanted to know if I would be willing to become her Tutor in English. You see she is not from here. She gave me some background – she said she had raised her children and then returned to school and now was a claims adjuster for an insurance company. She wanted to be able to write reports using “correct” English and she was wondering if I would take the task of helping her.

Imagine my surprise and feeling of humbleness when that request was made. She told me that when she read my site she decided to bit the bullet so to speak and give me a call praying all the while that I would not reject her request.

I made a promise to myself that if I was granted the honor of succeeding and becoming a best selling author that I would not forget where I came from. That I would pay it forward to others who like me have dreams and don’t know how to make them real. This is a perfect opprotunity to do that. This lady wants to be able to speak and write English so that she can communicate in this Country correctly. How many Americans can say that? She wants to be understood and to understand our insane language so that she will appear professional in her job. What an honor to be asked to help her accomplich this dream.

There are several lessons to be learned here. The first and most important is we make an impact on everyone – even when we don’t know it. Even when we don’t see it. There are others who watch us and sometimes wish to learn from us. The second lesson is this- if we keep our hearts open we will find out that people are drawn to us. The next lesson is we should never forget where we came from- because if we do we cannot and will not help others who are struggling. The next lesson is that when we pay it forward we receive blessings in return in many ways and in many forms.

Yes, I will be honored and delighted to tutor this stranger to our land. I will be delighted to learn from her as well.

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