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A Mini Review on The Last Rites

The Last Rites

This morning I awoke to find this posted on my facebook page. She is reading my second true Crime, The Last Rites. The crime occured two years after Gerard Schaefer was tried and convicted for the murder of two girls whose bodies were found on South Hutchinson Island. He was linked though never convicted of between nine and thirty two murders. He was considered Florida’s first serial killer.
The discovery of this young woman’s body set the county of St Lucie into another panic. They didn’t need another serial killer. When she was found she had no identification and her body was already in full rigor. Her case was first investigated as a Jane Doe and then changed to her name Pauline Metler once she was finally identified. The case went cold for a year. No one was talking – and no one claimed her body for burial. She was buried by the county in a pauper’s grave with no stone. This book is her stone. It is a way of rememberence. She didn’t deserve anything that happened to her. Read her story and remember her. This book can be found on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Nook Book, Lulu and my online store at

Sherri A Marchese

” I just wanted you to know my hands and eyes are glued to my Kindle reading The Last Rites.I’m spellbound”

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