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Apparently this Reviewer Didn’t Read A Previous Blog About the Art of Writing Reviews.

Silent Scream A True Crime

This evening a review popped up on Amazon about Silent Scream. The so called reviews G. Gilmore states that they have never written a review before and this is their first. That is obvious. It was a very nasty review. Not only that but it was crude and ill written. Obviously this person has a closed mind. Has never read true crime that wasn’t santized and has no clue as to why it was written the way it was written. So with that said, Let’s look at this childish review.

The first this this G. Gilmores says is in response to a prior review from some idiot named Dan- He didn’t appreicate the fact that I posted the review sent to me by retired FBI Roy Hazelwood. This person named Dan said that it was pitful that I would post it. Really?! Seriously? His last comment was “if it is any good I will read it and comment on it.” I didn’t even bother responding to that childish remark.

Now this sets the stage for this G. Gilmore who didn’t have the “gonads” to give their first name. The first sentence is “Don’t Bother, It Sucks.” Really. G. Gilmore here is a news flash, you can read parts of this book before you ever download it or puchase it in book form. So why did you wait until you downloaded it and then say, ” As an avid reader of true crime and non-fiction, there’s nothing worse than finding an interesting story and then discovering that the writing and editing turn what could’ve been an excellent read, into a bunch of unintelligible gibberish. This book takes the cake.”

You had the ability to read some of it before you bought it. Second obviously the only true crime and non- fiction you have ever read is watered down and written for some child. Every true crime I have read without fail is so watered down that is is almost laughable. If you want rainbows and unicorns then read them. I have read many true crimes- My back ground is crime so don’t try to play that card.

I wrote it the way I wrote it for a very vaild reason- the reader is put in that place that no one wants to be. Get over it. I wrote it for the victims- it is their story.

“The author includes both a forward and preface that pretty much say the exact same thing. What’s worse is that the author actually makes a point to explain that she “rarely” includes both in one book, but felt compelled to in this one because it was so disturbing or something of that nature. After skimming through this nonsense I finally got to the chapter and sighed with relief. ” This was G. Gilmore’s next statement – Are you serious?! You have obviously such a closed mind you can’t get out of your own way. You felt it was nonesene. Obviously you didn’t understand the reason for the book and still don’t. You didn’t spend two years of your life talking with law enforcement watching them relive what happened like it was yesterday, going through evidence boxes, hearing their screams in the middle of the night. You just don’t get it.

“But the chapters were even worse! Following every factual tid-bit of information are several rhetorical questions posed by the author to the reader. For example: (Serial killer whatever his name is) went through (some type of childhood trauma). Could this have caused the (serial killer) to kill? Could this have warped his mind into the monster that he became? Could this incident…blah blah blah…. On and on and on and on…” This paragraph is what sent me into peals of laughter. Apparently G. Gilmore has never studied Serial Killers, if they had they would have understood the questions. This book was written in order for the reader to think about how the girls felt, to put themselves in that situation. To understand on some small level what caused Schaefer to take the path he did. G. Gilmore apparently you just wished to be totaly entertained without having to use any thought process. Your loss. You don’t even remember the killer’s name so how can you remember the victims. You have just insulted them in death. Shame on you.

” And if that wasn’t bad enough, in addition to the endless questions that leave you more confused about what’s going on or what started her endless stream of consciousness in the first place, are the grammatical errors, typos, etc.
I’ll have to take note of the publishing company and use caution before purchasing and reading another one of their books. It’s a disgrace. It appears that it was almost published as a first draft.” This was G Gilmore’s last paragraph. This is the one that made me fall of the sofa holding my sides. Apparently G Gilmore didn’t see the quotes around the different statements. Yes, there are misspellings and typos the reason is simple. Try this on for size any time quotes are used in a paragraph it has to be exactly as it is written. There were several newspaper quotes which were used and yes there were misspellings in those quotes. Apparently G Gilmore never showed up in English Class. As for their statement about it being a first draft- it was the 20th draft that was published.
G. Gilmore I only have a couple of things to say to you – read my post on the art of writing a review and second you don’t deserve to read any of my books. They are way above your head. Your mind is to closed and my victims deserve better. And one more thing- This book has been on the best seller list!!!!

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  1. I don’t get why people have to be so nasty. If they don’t like a writer’s style or book that is a personal choice, but why be so bitter about it? I loved that book and I am fascinated by true crime and serial killers. I wish I would have went into Forensics I would have been a great murder/crime profiler. I did do Forensic sexual assault nursing for a while. I stopped doing it bc it was interfering w my full time job. I did enjoy it. Maybe that is why I connect with your books. I love how you speak up for the victims. Keep doing what you do best. And just remember even a bad review means you are still getting noticed. Someone cared enough to take the time to say something about you and good or bad it can be a way to pull other readers in. I do read reviews but at the end of the day I judge for myself. There is no bad publicity!

    Comment by Sherri | January 6, 2012 | Reply

    • Thank you so much Sherri that means more than you know. I to don’t understand why people have to be so nasty- Maybe they think it makes them look big when it only really makes them look very small. My victims do have a voice and they will never be forgotten. Maybe this person didn’t understand the psychology behind the book or the lack of forensics at that time. Maybe they are not old enough to understand that most law enforcement thought “Serial” was something one ate for breakfast. Maybe they are to young to know that serial killers were something new and law enforcement and the judicial system didn’t know how to deal with them and that law enforcement didn’t communicate with each other then. so many factors so many deaths.

      Comment by yvonnemason | January 6, 2012 | Reply

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