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An Exception to My Rule- Adding a Blog About the Unprofessional treatment at Beals Department Store

I am breaking one of my rules on this site- but it is my site so I can. However, on the other hand this could be an example of how not to treat people no matter what you do. So here goes.
I guess I am just old school but I was taught from the time I started working for my dad in his business at five years old that the customer is always the customer even when that customer is wrong. And if you as the business owner want that customer’s return business you must understand that the customer is indeed your boss. That is how I have always tried to treat my customers no matter the job I was in at the time whether it was collections, retail, or doing what I do now – so with that being said let me tell you what happened on Monday at Beals Department Store on US1 in Port St Lucie Florida.

I had received a gift card from my daughter in law for Christmas. So I decided that while my girlfriend was visitng that we would go shopping – I hate shopping so it was good that she went with me. I needed a new pair of houseshoes and off we went. While in Beals which by the way I can never ever find anything to fit me shoes or clothes we walked around the store for over two hours and finally found one pair of dearforms in size 5 – then we found a killer grey jacket on sale aloang with a top and another neat little cover up. Yep we were on a roll. I was a happy camper not only had I found some neat clothes they were all and I repeat all on sale. $300.00 dollars worth of clothes for only $118.00 – I was in heaven.

Off we go to the check out counter and stand in line for get this 20 minutes. But all was well. I was still a happy camper. We get to the register and I explain to the cashier that I will be using my gift card and any overage I would pay for with my credit card. No problem! I happily and gleefully stand there while he rings up my treasures. I loved that jacket.
He takes my gift card and puts it through the system! Then he says
“I am sorry our system is down and it won’t take it? Do you want to pay for it with another form of payment or we can hold your things until tomorrow and you can come back?”
Excuse me? You have no way to accept my gift card because your server is down? You have no way to accomdate a customer because you rely on a server that decided to have a brain fart? Where is your manager?
So he calls one to the register where there is still a line behind me all the way back to the mens section.
This cute blond comes happily pushing a buggy up to me and says “Do you need a buggy?” What?
I replied “No, I need a manager.” Her reply was “What can I do for you?”
I said, “Are you a manager?” She said, “Yes the Store Manager.”
Great now we are getting someplace. I explained to her my problem. She looked at me like I had two heads.
Her response was, as she made a circle around her face with her hands, ” Do I look like the world wide web? I can’t help you!” This comment was made in a very condensending voice –
Well, that set me off as much as I wanted to fall to her level and explain to her in no uncertain terms just how unprofessional she was, I just quietly hand my treasures back to her and said, “Well you just lost a sale.” I turned and walked out of the door.

It gets better. I had about 20 minutes to think about this confrontation as I drove home. When I got home I called corporate and spoke to the supervisor named Fredrick. He was all apologic and said that he would fix it. According to him apparently the server was down in four stores in our area, and the gift card server is separate from the credit card server.
He asked me what would it take, I told him and he said that he would call me back on Tuesday and it would be resolved. Today is Wednesday. I told him when I talked to him that all of our family shopped at Beals and because of this episoded that that would cease immediatly. And that I would be blogging about it.
I gave him his required 48 hours. He didn’t call me yesterday like he said he would – so yours truely will not be going back to Beals for any reason.
The manager at the store had a way to make me happy, according to Fredrick she could have called corporate and had them do a manual transaction to keep her customer happy. However, she chose not to. Apparently she made what ever problems she was having that day my problem and I fixed it for her. I will never shop there again nor will I recommend it to anyone I know.
I told Fredrick if I treated my customers the way I was treated my books would never sell!
So if you are in the south Florida or Florida area don’t shop at Beals!!!!!

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  1. OMG they have alway had a problem with anything that is not just checking someone out and taking their money. The one here in Key Largo is sosmall and unorganized youc an’t find anything and if you do there is usually not a price on it so you have to ask and most of the time they do not know.

    Comment by Kelly J Koch | January 11, 2012 | Reply

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