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A Hater Wants Their Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I have been involved in writing for a long, long, long time. I have been rejected, told I couldn’t, laughed at and a myrid of others things down through the years about my dreams. What I have learned is this. There will always be haters, those who are frustrated or have given up on any dream they might have had at one time for whatever reason. These same people try to tear down those of us who have succeeded without any help from “tradional sources” because we can. These same people make snide remarks about something they have absolutly no clue about thereby proving the old saying, “Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”
Tonight when I returned home from dinner this little comment was on my facebook page – rather than getting into a senselss pissing contest with a fool, I choose to post a blog in order to educate her in the ways of success.

First of all jealousy is a green eyed monster that destroys from within. It is created by the person who is jealous from inside their soul. It consumes them and finally destroys them. Now with that being said let me visit the comment made by one Ina Goodling

“She shouldn’t be touting herself as a “bestselling author” when she very clearly isn’t. Anyone who has to self-publish is not an acclaimed author. I don’t understand why she isn’t trying to get her work published with one of the big houses when it is definitely good enough for the mainstream literary market”

Now let me break this down for her in statments that hopefully she will understand, though it might be over her head.
I do tout myself as a best selling author because I am. Second this is one of my favorites. “Anyone who has to self publish is not an aclamied author.” Really, that is all you can bring? I am an aclaimed author, my books sell all over the world both in book form and on kindle and nook. Obviously you have been living under a rock. Indie Authors such as myself are considered aclaimed authors. Try again. There are more of us around than there are “traditional authors.” We have broken that glass ceiling to use a very worn out cliche. Now for her other idiot remark.

“I don’t understand why she isn’t trying to get her work published with one of the big houses when it is definitely good enough for the mainstream literary market” I refuse to be dicated to by a tradional house, been there done that. There are several reasons for that. One – I lose control of my work, my cover and my marketing ability. Two- I only get paid .08 cents a book. Compared to almost 7.00 a book now. To me that is good economics. Three- I am in control that being I approve the cover, the market and my events. I don’t have to get permission from anyone. Four- I don’t have to deal with a distributing company which has to be paid out of my royalities. Five I am accessible to my fans of which I have many. I don’t have to have a third party watching my websites, typing thank you letters or answering my emails. I do it all by myself.
I know I am good enough for the mainstream houses, I refuse to use them. So before you go spouting off about something you know absolutly nothing about and thereby making yourself look extremely foolish, do your homework. Indie authors are the place to be. There are many “mainstream authors” who are moving in that direction.

So Ms. Ina Goodling, before you post things on a page that will be read by the masses do your homework. When all else fails come to me. Yes, I will answer you. Oh and one last thing, back handed compliments do not negate the snide remarks before it. That is like critizing someone then adding the word But… it doesn’t work.
Yes, I am a best selling author.
Get over it!!! No I am not on whatever best selling list is currently floating around, but my books are best sellers. Brilliant Insanity has been a best seller on Kindle for over a year.

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