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There is a Story in All of Us!

Yes, Virginia there is a story in all of us. But most of us never let it out. The reason is simple. As children we believed in makebelieve, we allowed our imagination to run away with us. We could make a fort out of a sheet draped over a couple of chairs. We would take large sticks and the became swords. We climbed trees and believed we were on top of a mountain. But then something happened. We grew up. Actually we grew away from our inner child. We were told that it couldn’t come out and play anymore because we had to act like an adult. So that inner child went into hiding never to be seen by most of us again. We stiffled that creative side of our lives. I blame teachers, parents and other adults who couldn’t see past the word “adult” How many times were you told “grow up,stop acting like a child?” Granted there are times most times when we should be adult. We should be responsible, in our jobs, our families etc. But then there are the times when the inner child needs to come out and play. It keeps us young at heart, it helps us to see the world in a different light.
Tomorrow, Thursday, I am going to help some nice folks do exactly that. I am going to teach them how to allow the inner child out – how to let it come out and play and enjoy the light. I will be going to a retirement community to teach the folks there creatvie writing. I know they all have stories everyone of them. This will be fun. I am going to allow my inner child out as well. Of course she is out all the time. Her name is Layla and she loves to come out and play.
Layla was supressed for so long. When I was younger I knew I could write. I saw stories in everything I did. Everyplace I went I saw a story. But, the adults in my life didn’t want me to waste time writing. There were to many other important things that needed to be done. Like math.
My inner child went to sleep for many years. She refused to come out and play. She couldn’t stand the rejection, the harsh words of “you can’t do this, what would people think?” So she faded into the dark recesses of my mind. It wasn’t until many years later, that I decided to try again. If for no other reason than to leave something behind for the grandchildren so they would know about their Uncle Stan who is challenged. Who has succeeded because of those challenges. Who believes in himself even if no one else does. So I wrote his story.
I was just going to leave it unpublished so the children and grandchildren would have it. Instead I tried my hand at publishing. I was rejected to many times to count by the so called Traditional Publishers. So I waited, I bidded my time and when the time was right I did it my way. I have never looked back. The inner child Layla is so happy. She is out and playing like crazy.
So tomorrow I will teach these wonderful senior citizens how to allow that inner child to return to the forfront of their mind, how to allow it to come out and play without fear of rejection. How to embrace that inner child and use it to create wonderful stories to leave behind for those they love. To leave a part of them behind so the children and grandchildren can have a part of them for their memory boxes.
The written word is so powerful. It can help someone grieve, it cand offer comfort, laughter, and yes even tears. But is it still a memory. Something that if not shared is lost for all times.
So allow that inner child out to play, make a memory and write it down! You children and grandchildren will thank you for it.

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