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We Never Know When or Where We Will Make a Difference

Today I had an event at an independant/assisted living facality. I was supposed to teach a creative writing class on the independant living side. No on signed up for the class which was a blessing, because I didn’t know it but I was needed on the assisted living side.

It seems that four of the residents have transcended to the other side. Two completly and two who are in the process. It has affected the rest of the residents because they were all so close. They also have asked the unspoken question “When will it be my turn?” There is also alot of sadness and depression floating around the halls waiting to descend on anyone whose path it crosses. The sadness and drepssion has put several of them to bed for various reasons, it is a safe place, they dont have to think about the death, the loss of not seeing that friend again in this life and a myrid of other feelings that are normal during grief.
There are several steps in the grief process and when one of those steps is either ignored, denied or pushed down deep inside, then one cannot move forward. These beautiful women were in the the stage of depression and couldn’t move out of it. When I found out that these lovely dear women were in this stage I decided to change my plans. We instead had a celebration of life – I told them about the death of my sister, and how I felt how I miss her every day. How I talk to her and other things. Then I asked them to talk about those they had lost – their relationship with that person, how that person made them feel. One dear lady had been really sad and had asked to move to the other side because she said where she was made her sad.
She was one of the first ones to talk to explain her feelings to grieve, to laugh and to start healing. The session was so good that when I go back on the 16th I will ask them to write for me. I don’t care what they write- just something.
Because of this day, I now will have a three month gig ther twice a month.
I don’t know who got more out of the session the ladies or me. All I know is when I left they were smiling and joking something they hadn’t been doing for a while.
It has been a beautiful day!

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