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Seventeen and An Unwed Mother What is a Girl to Do?

Tangled Minds – Actions, reactions and consequences. For every action there is always an equal or opposite reaction. Tangled Minds is fiction but full of life’s lessons. Some that are hard to live with, some that can’t be lived with and some that change the course of one’s life. How would you handle the announcement that your daughter was haveing a child in her senior year of high school? How would she handle that fact? Tangled Minds takes the reader on that journey and beyond. It is not a book you want to miss or one that you would want your teen to miss. Ann B. Keller, Author stated that it was “Written in the tradition of John Steinbeck.”

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Imagine How You Would Feel If You Ever Got The Call- The One No One Ever Expects!

Imagine for a moment- your wife, child, sister, mother leaves home one day and that is the last time you ever see her. Imagine for a moment that one of two things happen, you get a call months later telling you a skeleton has been found and it has been identified as your wife, child, sister or mother. Imagine the second instance- you never get that call because the body is never found. Imagine that hole that never ever gets smaller because you live with the hope that one day they will walk through the door. With one instance you can grieve over the remains, in the other you grieve forever because there is nothing to say goodby to. You spend your life wondering how you could have prevented it, what you might could have done to keep that person from walking out that door. It eats at you like a cancer. This is what happened to Schaefer’s victims families, most of them are still grieving because the victims have never been found.
Because they have never been found many have been forgotten. The person who is remembered is Gerard Schaefer the serial killer who took their lives way too soon. It is time to remember the girls to honor their lives and remember their deaths. This book is for them.
It is not sanatized it shows Schaefer as he really was pure evil. Give the girls their voice. Keep them in your heats.

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