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It Is Better To Be Thought A Fool Than To Open Your Mouth and Remove All Doubt

  • Silent Scream A True Crime

    This morning I opened my mail and to my surprise I found this “nice” little comment on the photo of the cover of my true crime Silent Scream. A Mr. Chuck Bales who doesn’t know me from Adams House cat and has absolutely no clue as to what I write, nor why I write it decided to either be cute or stupid. I am going with stupid. This is what he posted ‎”Their Screams are no long silent.”?? What kind of author writes THAT??
    Now if he had bothered to read the back of the book or had bothered to read anything about the book he would understand the meaning behind  “Their screams are no longer silent.”
    The victims of Gerard Schaefer were bound, gagged, hung, tortured and executed. He killed in pairs. One had to watch while he  killed the first one. Because they were gagged they could only scream in their minds, hence the “Silent Scream”. The book has given their screams a voice.
    Now back to the second part of Mr. Bales comment. “What kind of author writes THAT?”  Mr. Bales the kind of author who writes “THAT” as you so simply put it is the kind of author who believes that the dead deserve to be remembered.  Especially victims of crimes. The kind of author who feels compassion for the families who live every day with the wonder of what happened and why. The kind of author who feels compassion for those families whose daughters have never been found. The kind of author who feels compassion for parents who lost a child way to soon, whose daughter will grow up without her mother and whose siblings will never see their sister again.
     Mr. Bales, apparently you have never been exposed to the underbelly of society. That part of society which is dark and unforgiving. Apparently you have never been in position where  you wanted to scream but couldn’t. So you could only scream silently in your head. Apparently you live in a world behind rose colored glasses which taint your view of the real world.
     Please do not insult the memory of the victims by your crass comments, your insensitive thought process. Only by becoming educated into what happened to the girls are you good enough to read their story and honor their memory.   These girls have been screaming silently ever since the day they were taken. Not anymore. They have a voice and that voice is me.
    Their screams are not heard and their lives are remembered and honored.

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