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Ground Hog Day in Books

How many of us have a favorite author? One that we can’t wait to read the next book that is released. You know that author that we have read for years and years and wait with anticipation for their next best seller to hit the stores. I am guilty. There are several mainstream authors I have read for years, but now I will no longer read their books. The reason is simple. I feel like it is ground hog day over and over again.

You ask “What do you mean by that?” Well let me explain it to you.

Book “A” we shall call it – nice plot, excellent setting, exciting characters semi fleshed out. Leaves you waiting for the next book.

Book “B” – similar plot, same type of setting, same characters but suddenly they have become a little to perfect and one dimensional and the author subtly drops in their political views.

Book “C” same exact plot, same setting, same characters who have absolutely no flaws and their counterparts have no depth. The political views of the author are flaming.

Do you see the trend here? There is no desire to read the same book over and over and over again. Then you have those authors who run out of subjects and co-write with unknowns hoping to change up, however they fall right back into the same rut.

There are several who come to mind, but out of respect for their craft and for them they shall remain nameless. The great ones who kept me in suspense have already died off, Stephen J Connell, Robert Parker and others. Sadly, it is not always the fault of that author, it is the fault of the publisher who demands they write garbage so they can sell books and make money off that author. It is called garbage in garbage out.

The author is nothing more than a robot who pumps out words on a page to suit the publishing house. Some of those author are required to pump out two books a year and it doesn’t matter how bad the book is… The name is what sells the book, not the book itself. This is a travesty. It has given great authors a bad reputation. It has caused me not to buy their books because I know from past experience what is between the cover.

Indie Authors don’t have those restrictions, their books are not dictated by some suit in a publishing house sitting in a corner office dictating the who, when, what, where and how. Indie authors have the freedom to write any genre they choose and the ability to take their time and give the characters, plot and setting life. They are not dictated as to how many words, what to say or how to say it. This make the indie author more popular. We can be a multi genre author and many of us are.

If you are like me, I choose my books wisely, like I choose my friends. Books are my friends and they are a very important part of my life. I want to be able to enjoy the time I am reading that book, not slog through it like a bog. I want to be able to finish the last page and say that was indeed a great ride. However, sadly more and more books by the mainstream authors are so disappointing, boring and just plain unattractive.

Before you say, but Yvonne how many books do you read? Let me assure you I have shelves full of books and have been reading since I was five years old. For those of you who don’t know me I am now 60 years old. I have read the classics, one hit wonders, bad books, really bad books, and great books and some not so great. But the books I have found to be the best lately are those written by indie authors who are not shackled by the restraints of mainstream publishing houses who use their power to dictate not only content, but royalties (.88) per book, cover, and marketing.

As indie authors if we want to go an event at a small venue we don’t have to ask permission. We just go. Mainstream authors must clear all events through their publisher. AS indie authors we are free to set our own pricing and most times it is much lower than the standard because we don’t have to pay a middle man ie the distributor. While we might not be in box stores we don’t need to. The internet is our friend.

So if you are tired of “Ground Hog Day” and tired of the same old plot,characters and settings, try an indie author, I think you will surprised. And the beauty is – we as indie authors reach out to our readers, we don’t hide behind our publicists, or publisher. We embrace our readers.

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