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Normally I would not post something like this here. However, this is very close to my heart. Help us to make this happen.

College Preparatory Academy of the Treasure Coast
By Yvonne Mason

In this day and age where public school teachers in our country are required to follow a set formula, there has evolved a new type of school for parents who want something different for their children. This new and delightful system is known as a charter school. Its primary function is to reach children who yearn to go to college or need the preparatory skills and classes to help them on their journey. The classrooms are smaller; the teachers are given the freedom to teach to the student without focusing on a rigid test-prep benchmark. The students are encouraged to be free-thinkers without the frustration of being told it has to be one way only.
As a society, we have lost our way where our children are concerned. They are our future. When we stifle that future, we only get the return on the investment we put into it. Children who attend charter schools usually have the freedom and ability to explore new horizons. Charter schools break the mold. The child is taught, given the freedom to learn, to explore, to think on their own. This is called growth.
In St. Lucie County, there is a first and only charter high school getting ready to open for the August 2012 school year. Part of the St. Lucie County School District, this new charter school is starting with just 9th grade. Subsequent grades will be added each year they’re open. It’s called the College Preparatory Academy of The Treasure Coast.
Is your child important enough that you want the best foundation for him before he gets to college, so that he will not be lost in the maze which college life brings? If the answer is “yes”, then my next question is this – “Why have you not contacted the officials at the school to get an application for your 9th grader?”
It is very simple. You just contact the school at or call (772) 323-3747 for an application. There are several slots available, but time is growing short. Another thing—if you live out of state and are thinking of moving to this area and are looking for a good school where your child will be on the ground floor of something great, what are you waiting for?
College Preparatory Academy of the Treasure Coast is a dream-come-true for its founder, Erika Rains, and others who have long sought a way to help students become the best they can be. Won’t you be part of this dream? Won’t you allow your child to fulfill their dream no matter the dream by giving them the tools they need to be successful? It is not too late to get them in on the ground floor. Contact the school today. Get them signed up. Make the dream happen.

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