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An Excerpt From The Pink Canary to Be Released 2012- Not Your Every Day Drag Queen

The Pink Canary

Chapter One

  The Pink Canary is my pride and joy. It took me years to save up enough money between my day job and my night job to buy into the beautiful nightclub. It is situated between two other nightclubs the Bourbon St Pub and the I Love the Nightlife..I love to Boogie on Duval St., the main drag in Key West. I co-own this sweet little piece of paradise with a silent partner who I still don’t know. All of the legal mumbo jumbo was handled by the attorneys. My partner doesn’t bother me and I make money hand over fist.

She is a beauty this Pink Canary of mine. Her exterior walls are painted a Caribbean shade of pink, not quite the color of the bright pinks the sun throws on the sky in the evening when she sets at Mallory Square, but not quite the soft shade of pink of the flamingos that we sometimes see around town. Yes, my club is called The Pink Canary. There is one perched on top of the club in neon lights which act as a beacon when the sun sets and the party begins.

Even during the day the interior of this beautiful place screams Pink. From the carpet, to the bar to the stools and even the stage is pink. At night when the spot light drops to the stage one sees pink. What can I say, I look good in pink. My name is Lola and I am the headliner and owner of the hottest drag queen nightclub in Key West. Well, okay, I am Lola at night during the day I go by another name when I am undercover. No, I am not a cop. I am just a concerned citizen who wants justice for the killings that have been committed in my fair city. The killings which are hurting business for all of us especially the gay nightclub business. And what Lola wants Lola gets!

Chapter Two

   It all started when the first body was found a couple of weeks ago in the Alley next to the club. I had just stepped out after my first set to get a breath of fresh air when I saw what looked like a homeless person asleep next to the dumpster. I walked over in my five inch heels, throwing my pink feather boa around my neck to keep it from dragging the ground with one hand and holding the end of my pink sequined gown with the killer spaghetti straps with the other hand.

“Hey, man, are you okay.” I asked as I approached the non-moving person. “You don’t look too good.”

“Well of course he doesn’t look too good, dummy.” I said out loud to no one, he has a hole in the front of his forehead the size of a quarter.  As I bent over to stupidly check for a pulse I could smell the pungent scent of death and I could see the results of that smell which had puddled around his legs. “Yep, he is dead.”  I said as I straightened back up. “Great, just what I need. Another one. I thought I had put all that behind me.”

No, I didn’t run screaming like a girl back to the club. I had seen this a couple of times before. The MO looked the same. It just pissed me off because it was in my backyard and it meant that I would have to go inside and call the cops, which in turn meant I would have to put my replacement in the next sets. The customers were not going to be happy. Sure they liked the other acts, but they came to see me. Oh well, can’t be helped. “But you could have had the courtesy to be killed over at the Hog’s Breath or Captain Toney’s or even Sloppy Joe’s instead of here.” 

Turning on my pink heel I marched myself back into the club. I found my replacement and then I went into my office and called 911.

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