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A Five Star Review for Silent Scream

Silent Scream A True Crime

Truth: Always stranger than fiction, March 22, 2012

Today this appeared on Amazon about my true crime Silent Scream. This reader got it. She understands that the girls voice was more important than the sanitized – feel sorry for- softball throw for Gerard Schaefer Florida’s first serial killer – before Ted Bundy- Danny Rolling and O’Toole.

Schaefer was before “Serial Killer” was even a term. Ms. Fonatainne understands that girls have been forgotten way to long. She got it that everything on the net had to do with Schaefer and his narcissistic personality. She understood that the girls were screaming silently and had been since the day they were taken, tortured, and executed.
This review stands on its own merit. And she is right truth is stranger than fiction.

By Ashley Fontainne “Ashley”This review is from: Silent Scream A True Crime (Kindle Edition)
So many people enjoy a book full of mystery, suspense, thrills and chills, cringing when the antagonist wreaks havoc on the pages, cheering when the protagonist gains the upper hand and wins.

But that is fiction, and this story by Yvonne Mason was based on real life events. That alone made me give pause while I read her well-researched work, wondering, as she did, what truly made this monster tick and feeling nothing but empty sadness for the poor trail of victims and their families left behind in his evil wake.

Yvonne Mason obviously spent untold hours of research delving into the mind of a serial killer long since dead (thank goodness) and it shows in her work. Her care and compassion for the hapless women that suffered unspeakable horror during their last moments on earth will truly send shivers up your spine. Questions posed about the mindset of this truly evil man are left unanswered because no one, not even Gerard John Schaefer himself, could really understand the depths of his insanity.

This is a gripping story that will leave the reader perhaps a bit more cautious in daily life, wondering what evil truly does lurk around the next corner.

Yvonne Mason summed up this book at the end:

“I must give them a voice. Now, no longer will the victims scream in silence, they now have a voice, and with this voice, comes peace. For the girls – sleep well.”

Amen, Yvonne. May all of them rest in peace.

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