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Spirit Cove not just a bath shop

Today I received a couple of samples of some of the best bath scrub for face and body I have ever used. Not only do I feel great I smell wonderful. The name of this one of a kind shop is Spirit Cove. It is owned and operated by Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson. She is a multi talented artist. She is a published author or poetry, a licensed Reverend and spiritualist. Her shop Spirit Cove offers handmade bath and body products that are to absolutely to die for. Her handmade items include signature gift baskets, inspirational greeting cards, handmade decor items, jewelry, candles and so many other wonderful things. She also gives psychic readings, shamanic house clearings, energy healings spiritual counseling, group meditations and so many other things, her website is and her online shop is

Now the reason for this blog is the wonderful sexy and soothing bath scurbs. I just finished using the honey,chocolate scrub on my face and body, not only did the dead skin fall off in sheets, it made my body feel fresh and clean. No amount of soup no matter the brand has ever done that for me. All of her scrubs are handcrafted with just the right amount of oils and natural ingredients including honey.

If you are looking for a natural scrub that not only works but makes you feel great check it out.

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