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The Stovepipe A Review

Corruption in Child Protective Services is as much a part of the system as the money they earn off the backs of the children they steal for profit. This is one woman’s story of how she and her siblings, at least the ones she knew traveled the Abyss of CPS through the darkness of abuse, starvation and other atrocities which no child should endure at the hands of foster care providers and their children. They were taken and placed in homes which were worse than the one they were taken from. At least in their own home they had love and protection, there was no one to protect them in the homes of strangers who had no love for them.

The Stovepipe


By Yvonne Mason “Author” (Port St Lucie, Fl.)

This review is from: The Stovepipe (Paperback)
The Stovepipe by Bonnie E Virag is one of the most powerful books I have ever read by a child abused by the system. Child Protective Services is one of the most corrupt government agencies that exist. They have no concern for the child, it is all about the money to them. Children who are torn from their homes always wonder as Ms. Virag did, “What did I do wrong?” They are separated from their siblings who are their anchor and placed in homes that treat them worse than where they were taken from. They are moved from strangers house to strangers house and never feel as if they have a home- a real home. They are not loved just used and abused.
I applaud Ms. Virag for having the courage to put to paper the cruelity, corruption and loss she and her siblings suffered at the hands of a government agency. As a grandmother whose daughter lost her children simply becasue she was poor I could feel the terror, the pain and the suffering not to mention the abuse these children suffered at the hands of strangers who only cared because of the money and the extra “hands” to work the farm.

Children who are taken by the system have no safety net, it has been taken from them. Those in charge don’t care.

An excellent book, for anyone who has the misguided notion that they want to be a social worker, in order to “help children”. Trust me it is not about the children it is about the money.

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