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I Just Have One Word – Seriously?!

Yesterday I read an article written by someone from Fortune- The Article was Titled

Amazon’s Knock-Off Problem (35 Shades of Grey, Anyone?)

Be careful when you select a bestseller to purchase on Amazon, where knock-offs are prevalent — copycats that come with Amazon’s stamp of approval–35-shades-of-grey–anyone–.html

The basis of the article was this- A couple of indie authors had written books with similar titles to books which had been written and published by “traditional houses.” One of the authors had used their initials and they were similar to another author who had been published by a traditional house.

The whining was caused because these two indie authors who had been published through Amazon’s create a space  were making money off their books  and the “traditional houses” were complaining that the titles and authors names were to close to their people and it was hurting their sales.

Seriously?! You people are becoming so paranoid that we as indie’s are breaking your precious glass ceiling that you have to stoop to something this silly. You are so pissed off at Amazon because of their kindle prices and the fact that you feel that your bottom line is being hurt that you are now resorting to attacking indie authors just because their titles and names are similar.

Right now there is another author out there who has the same name as I do. She writes poetry. People get us confused. How I have no idea, I write true crime, and crime fiction, but that being said, I am a big enough person not to attack her. Please people grow up!

For years indie’s have had to sit back and accept your rejection letters because your people didn’t like what we wrote, It was just not your thing- you dictated the trends and what people read. There were no choices. Well, guess what, those days are gone. We have come together and we are taking this ride. We determine what we want to publish how we want to publish it and what we want to charge. We are not dependent on you to do this for us. We don’t have to worry about making .08 a book after you have taken the rest.

Yes, we understand about overhead, that being – editors, designers, layout people, distributors, shipping cost, fat bonuses, huge buildings in New York with big rents, we get it. We also get the fact that, agents only pick those books they like to read, houses only print those books they like to read. Plus to add insult to injury they take that author’s book and rip it apart, their editors rewrite it to suit their taste (because they are to lazy to write a book themselves) and you design the cover. They author is out of the loop and then they get pennies on the dollar  in royalties. Not to mention they are charged back when books are returned from box stores.

Yes, Amazon has given indie’s an avenue of creating their work, the reason is simple you people wouldn’t. Welcome to the digital age.  What your article didn’t say is that  one can return  that book if  it was not the right one. Second one might become a reader of that author and it would really piss you off.

To add insult to injury this article called the books knock offs Really? that is the best you can come up with? Are you that small minded that you would make that kind of judgement without reading the book. One of them is a children’s book hardly the adult book that you said was copied.

No Simon and Schuster, Random House or any of the other “Traditional Houses out there we are not going away, we are only going to get bigger. We have a very large following and we are here to stay. You can either deal with it or not. We don’t care. Once that genie is out of the box it will not go back in. Treat your folks better and you won’t have a problem.

All I can say is get over yourself. Your reign of holding the door shut against us is over.


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  1. BRAVO my sister…BRAVO!!! The traditional houses have to have seen this day coming. They stalled it long enough. You’re no longer the big dogs.

    Stop whining, put on your big kid panties and suck it up. You had your chance to accept us Indies, and instead, you chose to piss on us.

    Now you can be pissed on and take what you get…you have had it coming for way too long.

    Comment by Mistress Macabre | April 18, 2012 | Reply

    • So true my sister so true- they have banned us, barred us and tried to keep us out for years. They have dictated what we will read far to long. The genie is out of the box and will never be put back in no matter how hard they try. There are to many of us and more coming. Long live the indie author!

      Comment by yvonnemason | April 18, 2012 | Reply

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