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Should an Author Insert Their Own Political Persuasions in a Fiction Novel?

Should an author insert their political persuasions in a fiction novel? This questions haunts me all the time because I am an avid reader and many books I read are filled with the leanings of the author. I tend to say no they should not be inserted. It becomes a subtle message buried in the story line.

I don’t care what an authors political leanings are, I don’t care if they are conservative, liberal or somewhere in between those leanings have no place in any story unless the author is writing a book on politics. Readers read to escape not to be indoctrinated in the political leanings of that particular author. I am sadly finding the happening more and more, just like I see it more and more on shows on Television. The subtle little messages scream at me and it just turns me off. There are several well known authors I will no longer read for this very reason.

An author can be entertaining without inserting that much of  themselves into a book. Yes, we do insert a part of ourselves into every book we write- but it does’t have to be so in my face. I don’t need to know how you feel about the current party in office, the hatred you have for Fox News, the stupidity of the republican party, the importance of the “entitlement programs” or how unfair one party is vs another. I don’t care. It is not germane to the plot of the story. Get over yourself!

There are better and more logical ways to get your views across, not in books read for entertainment!

I would be interested in hearing from those of you who read my blogs as to your thought process.

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