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The Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

When I first started watching the HOB series Game of Thrones I was not sure I was going to enjoy it. For one thing I don’t enjoy full frontal nudity or soft porn in stories it doesn’t lend anything to the story line. It is purely for show and audience grabbing. That being said, the story itself  I found interesting enough to purchase the books.  George R.R. Martin is a fantastic author who pulls his readers right into his works. Currently I am reading the first in the series The Game of Thrones. While HBO has tried to stay close to the book because of time constraints there is much left out.

The lives of all the characters from the dwarf Tryion  to the Stark Clan to the direwolves I find myself rooting for most of them. Tryion uses words to make him larger than life, his sardonic wit and sarcastic humor keeps him alive in more ways than one. The Queen Regent Cersei and her son Jeffory deserve each other as they both have the same cruel mentality.

Martin knows how to play his characters both good and bad to the hilt. He takes the reader to the edge of the abyss and then yanks them back before they fall. He weaves flaws and strengths into his characters like a tightly woven tapestry. More times than not the strengths become the greatest weakness and ends lives.

One of my very favorite characters is Daenerys who has been sold to another ruler by her brother who believes he is more than he is. He is a cruel man who uses his sister for his own self serving purpose. Daenerys  becomes the strong one who takes her marriage to a stranger in stride and uses it to her advantage.

Martin uses human nature to blend a story that could be set in any setting, it just so happens that he set it in the seven kingdoms. It has all the human elements of greed, lust, murder, revenge, hate, lies, incest, and survival.

If you haven’t yet read this series or watched it you should. Martin has it going on!

Game of Thrones First in the Series


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