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Dark Shadows – Bringing Dysfunctional Family to A New Level

Nope, this Dark Shadows is not the run of the mill Vampire story. Nope Johnny Depp is not Jonathan Freid. Welcome to 1972 via the one and only Tim Burton and the insane Johnny Depp. If you want the same old tired Vampire Movie or were expecting the same  storyline, same dialogue and spooky scenes, then don’t go see this insanely funny take on Dark Shadows.

Johnny Depp makes the character Barnabas Collins his own. He takes the character to a level that most would cringe from. He goes to the ledge of the cliff and then he pulls us over with him.



Upon entering his home after being one of the undead for 196 years he strokes the different art work like a long lost lover. He ingrains himself back in the family like he never left. The dark, dry wit flows like a tidal wave of the ocean crashing on the very rocks his lost love fell on all those years ago. He tries to learn the best way to woo the new love of his life by telling his niece that she has the best childbearing hips he has ever seen.

The love/hate relationship with Angelique is reminiscent of  some that I have seen in my life time. The old adage of “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is kicked up to the next level when witchcraft is involved.

Before you even think about stepping foot in the theater to watch this little jewel put all the memories of the original Dark Shadows in a box and leave it at home. This is not the Dark Shadows of yesteryear. This is Dark Shadows in the 21st Century. A dark wit that only Johnny Depp can bring to the screen. 

His love for his family no matter how strange they are justifies anything else he does. He believes in family and he kills for family. No this is not the Dark Shadows of old



But it adds a new wrinkle in a classic. Johnny Depp is at his best. He owns this movie in every way. I give it a five star. But then I am a bit strange too!

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