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Adding to My Craft I Now Write for Two Magazines

I am now writing for two magazines Vero’s Voice and a pet magazine titled Little Pampered . My first two articles will be appearing in the next few days.

My first article in Vero’s Voice will discuss how anyone at any given time can be a victim. My article in Little Pampered Dog talks about my little Maltese Riley who found his forever home with us. I write the article as Riley.

You can find Vero’s Voice at  and the Pampered Dog at  I would appreciate each of my readers taking a look at these little magazines. They offer more articles than mine and are worthy of your time.

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My Interview with Rhett Palmer the Mayor of the Air Waves in Vero Beach Florida

A couple of days ago I did a radio interview with Rhett Palmer the Mayor of the air waves in Vero Beach Florida. We talked about a number of things including my books. Included in that interview we discussed, domestic violence, getting published without using a tradional publisher, the mind of a serial killer. Why do they do what they do and other topics of interest. We discussed my true crimes Silent Scream and The Last Rites which are part of Florida History. You can go to the link belonw and listen to the show it is in five segments beginning to end.

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