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My Target Market for The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

As most of you know I write in a variety of genres. It just depends on the mood of the voices in my head. The book that will be released soon  titled The Pink Canary was inspired by a friend of mine who is into Camaros. She had seen a pink camaro and was texting someone that she had seen it. She misspelled Camaro and it wound up being Canary. Now I do not believe in coincidence I believe things happen for a reason.

As soon as she told me what she had done the story was created. I knew I had to tap into a new market. One that I had never written for before. The beauty was I had the suport of my best friend who just happens to be gay. He was all for it. But then he is biased anyway.

Before I even started the book which happens to be about a Drag Queen who owns a club in Key West, I went hunting for research. It was a two fold mission. One I wanted to know everything I could about the culture , the dialouge and the life of Drag Queens. Second I wanted to be respectful of that profession and the gay community in general as well as be entertaining.

During my quest for knowledge I looked up professional Drag Queens who have performed on stage. I watched videos, read their websites and listened to them. One in particular has become a wonderful friend and mentor. Her name is Vicky Lane. She performed for over 40 years in New York and Canada. She didn’t know me from Adam’s house cat, but when I contacted her and explained to her my project she came on board like she had known me for years. I could not have written this book in the vein I wrote it had it not been for her help. Vicky I owe you so much.

The One and Only Vicky Lane

She is on my friends page on facebook hook up with her.

She is amazing

My best friend Peter what would I do without him. In the Pink Canary he is Penelope. The comedy routine that Penelope performs really happened to Peter. When I heard the story I laughed until I cried. Peter has been one of my biggest fans since day one. He truly is a diamond. I cherish his friendship and love him like a brother. The costume and outfits really exist. I have proof.

Peter aka Penelope

This is the second outfit Penelope wears she adds the horrid scarf. This is one book that you not only will not want to miss, but you will want to share with everyone you know.

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