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It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go Someone Knows Your Work

Yesterday I was in Stuart which is located in Martin County.  I was giving a speech at a business meeting. At this meeting was a gentleman who knew about my book Silent Scream, the true crime novel about the victims of Gerard Schaefer, Florida’s first serial killer.

Silent Scream


In the course of our meet and greet he brought up the book and I told him that I was the author of said book. He was shocked. I have learned during my journey of writing and publishing that people may not always know my name but they know my work. Another instance happened at an event I attended last Saturday. A lady came to my table  and was looking at my books. She saw Dream Catcher Failure Was Never an Option and told me she had heard of the book. She bought it.

Dream Catcher Failure Was Never an Option to be released on Audio in 2012

They have either been told about my work from someone else, seen a news clipping, read it on the internet or who knows, but they know my work. My father who holds the oldest business license in Georgia for Heating and Air Conditioning  never placed an ad in a newspaper, never listed his business in the yellow pages, never paid for a billboard, never did any normal advertising but yet even after all this time (since 1948) he is getting calls from the grand children of his original customers to either service their equipment or to replace old equipment.

My point is this. People may not know my name, but they know my work and they know my reputation. They know about me. They have heard about my books and when they see me they are able to put a face with the book. This is how books are sold.

I am grateful to each and every one of the people who take the time to purchase and read my books, even if they hate them. Even if they write a bad review. The reason is simple, they took the time and if they didn’t like the book – sadly they missed the boat.   They missed the boat because they read the book with a closed mind. But the fact is they read the book.

However, that being said, back to the original message, I am learning that people may not always know my name, but they do know my work. They buy my work and they read my work. For that I am so appreciative.


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