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Another Five Star Review for The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

Here is another five star review for my latest release The Pink Canary. It is a complete 180 from what I normally write. If you haven’t yet picked up this little jewel you have no idea what you are missing. Lola, Leary and Penelope will have you rolling in the floor. And you certainly don’t want to miss the one and only Vicky Lane.

Peter aka Penelope and her Aqua Net hairspray and Chinese hooker heels


Penelope will keep you up nights laughing yourself silly.

Vicky Lane She so rocks


Vicky is the Queen of Queens!






My Review of ‘The Pink Canary’ by Yvonne Mason

Title: The Pink Canary
Author: Yvonne Mason
Genre: Thriller/Comedy
Publisher: Lulu


“Hell Hath No Fury Like A Drag Queen Scorned!”

No, ‘The Pink Canary’ is not an English play – although if the great playwright, William Congreve, could be here today, and was given a chance to read ‘The Pink Canary’ by Yvonne Mason, ‘Hell Hath No Fury Like A Drag Queen Scorned’ just might be the title of his next winning play – based on Yvonne Mason’s new book of course, ‘The Pink Canary’.

I have read several of, Yvonne Mason’s literary works but I must say this piece is unique – exceptional in the fact that she waved her magic pencil like a wand – created a fresh storyline that includes some of her most outstanding characters to date.

As the story begins, it takes you on a roller coaster ride from New York to Miami. Imagine for a moment that a serial killer is loose in Miami, and he or she, is targeting Drag queens – accumulating body parts as trophies. An ex-private detective, now headliner and owner of the hottest drag queen establishment in Miami, teams up with a homophobic detective to try to solve the case. Add in ‘one’ badass drag queen toting a can of aqua net hairspray in one hand and a pair of Chinese hooker heals in the other – well, things are going to get ugly very quick!

I gave ‘The Pink Canary’ five stars for originality, delightful humor, and crime fighting suspense!

Visit Yvonne Mason’s author page at Amazon to see all of her literary works!

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