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Apparently this Reader wants Fluff.

“Poorly written and repetitive. Definitely not worth the cost of the book or your time reading it. I purchased it based on the recommendation of our local newspaper as the author is a local resident”ByRichard Lizak

Today I saw this little tidbit of a review on The Last Rites which is my second true crime. Mr. Lizak apparently doesn’t read with an open mind nor does he understand true crime. Maybe he is used to other true crime writers who use fluff and sweet nothings as they write about the horrors of the taking of someone’s life. I do not write that way. Maybe he also does not understand all of the work and repetition that is involved in the solving of crimes. The hours spent by law enforcement talking to witnesses – running down leads that are a dead end, listening to lies and many times still not able to solve the crime.

Mr. Lizak- I just have a few words for you- open your mind- read like you are eating a fine meal. Enjoy it! If  you want fluff read a Harlequin Romance. If you want a sanitized true  crime read Ann Rule. If you don’t want to understand what the cops had to go through to solve this crime- what the victim went through as she was raped and executed then you are the loser.

Apparently you are not a native or else you would have also noticed the history of the area that was involved with this young woman who lost her life way to soon. You would have understood the frustration and anger that law enforcement had because they could not find her killer/killers. You would have understood the lack of forensic science of the day and you would have felt some sort of apathy for those involved.

Last but not least you would have understood that she was buried in an unmarked grave – forgotten and alone like she never existed. It is sad that all you could get out of this very painful story was your petty statement. It is sad that you chose to cheapen not only her life but also to insult her horrible death because of your lack of apathy and understanding.

My prayer is that you never experience this type of tragedy in your life – Pauline deserved better than what you gave her. Do us both a favor don’t bother reading my other true crime. The victims deserve better than you are willing to give.


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