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If You Don’t Understand What You Read then Don’t Read it

Silent Scream A True Crime

Silent Scream A True Crime


Okay one more time, I am going to explain this to all of those people out there who do not understand a few things about this book. The reason I am going to explain it is simple I received a nasty review this morning by someone who obviously does not understand true crime. This person is used to reading the watered down versions of true crime that does not make the reader think. If you don’t want to think then please don’t waste your money and my time with this book. It is not for entertainment. It is to educate and to honor the victims and the families of those victims. It is designed to allow the reader to try and get inside the head of a serial killer on a level that most true crime writers do not write about.

This particular nasty reviewer stated that I asked to many questions. All I can say to that is seriously? You are reading a true crime and you don’t ask questions? You also stated that it made the subject matter something that you really didn’t want to try and understand. My question to you is this why the hell did you buy the book in the first place? If you want a love story get a romance book. If you to read vanilla true crime read Ann Rule.

There is no excuse for a closed mind when reading a true crime. The reader should ask those questions. What are you afraid of? That would be my question to you the reader.

She also stated that I jumped around in the book. Lady – did you even bother to finish the book. The answer to that question would be a “No” you even stated you didn’t finish it. Had you bothered to finish it you would have seen that the book was written the way the crime was solved. Apparently you know nothing about solving crimes or law enforcement – you also apparently know nothing about the lack of education about serial killers in the 1960 and 1970’s.

The book has a thread one just has to follow it. Apparently you didn’t want to take the time.

Then she went on to talk about how she kept reading even though it was boring because she said my punctuation and spelling kept her awake. Again all I can say is Lady apparently you have no clue. That was all you could bring to the table? A trumped up statement like that. If it was really that boring to you why did you bother reading it at all? Why didn’t you return it after you got to the first question? Me thinks you protest to much.

Personally I think the book was way over her head and she knew it. Silent Scream is not for the faint of heart- not for those who want a vanilla true crime- does not sanitize the criminal – is not one of those feel good true crimes – will keep you awake at night- and does not answers questions- that is for you the reader to think about. Silent Scream is for that person who follows crime- knows how they are solved- understands the long tedious and sometimes disappointing process. It is for the person who studies serial killers who is working on a degree in criminal justice and who understands that serial killers leave all sorts of  questions behind their wake.

If you a true crime the strips away all of the pretty wrapping and allows you the reader into the world of killers and what they do so that you the reader can in some small way identify with the victims then you will enjoy this book. However, and at the expense of repeating myself again, you are faint of heart- do not understand the justice system do not understand how crimes are solved and do not understand how we have evolved in the last thirty years in the solving of those crimes then you do not I repeat do not want to read this book.

However, if you are open minded, if you are a lover of the criminal justice system, if you understand how things are done in this arena and if you can handle the facts, then you will enjoy this book- it is a great teaching tool and it is written to honor those girls who were the victims of Gerard Schaefer.

For the Girls! They have finally found peace!

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