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Not Listening to Others!!!!

It is time to revisit something that I have said over and over and over again. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to my children. This business is brutal in more ways than one. Not only do writers who wish to be authors and have dreams of being the next Ernest Hemingway or Stephen King, wanting an agent, a big name publisher – blah, blah ,blah. They also have the misconception that if they get their friends and family to read their manuscript they will tell them how wonderful it is and all the other hype. The opposite is many times quite true. People just don’t have it in them to one follow directions and two do anything that is asked of them without offering unsolicited advice. Case in point- a friend of mine asked a couple of friends to just read his book. His first book- his baby. He didn’t want any advice on the mechanics – just read it for the meat. He wanted their feedback as to what they felt about the storyline. That was all, period.

As with all artists the ego can sometimes be fragile. Most of us are A type personalities with a mix of self doubt. We can’t help it. It is in our DNA. When my friend got the feedback it derailed him. Not because the reader didn’t like the story but because the reader had “ideas” for him. Really! Did the reader not listen to the instructions that were given. The manuscript was not the final draft- it was getting ready to head to the editors so she could look for those mistakes that we as writers do make. The mechanics as we are so fond of saying.

When I work with a new writer my first instruction is “Do not pay attention to the critics” The reason is simple most of them don’t like the genre they are reading and/or they think they can do it better. My answer is if they can then do it.

Edgar Allen Poe is one of the best loved authors of our time. He was laughed at criticized  and died broke because the critics thought he was not good enough. They simply did not understand him. He is now laughing at his critics.

While allowing someone to read your manuscript to get their opinion remember it is only their opinion. And as we all know opinions are like something else everyone has one. If you have ten people read your manuscript you will get ten different opinions – it is like an crime scene that has ten witnesses. Every witness saw a different thing and every witness will tell a different version. None of them will be wrong just different.

For years I worried about what other people thought – and because of that I didn’t fulfill my dream, now I don’t care. I write because it is in me. I write because if I don’t I cheat myself. I write because I can.

For those of you who have a desire and a passion to write- do it and do it without worrying about what others think. Never allow someone to steal your dream!

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