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Time to Address Sites that Pirate Authors Works

This blog has been a long time coming. As with any artist there are those who think that stealing that artist’s work is considered free enterprise. Some of them even change things within the work to make it their own. It is like anything else in the business world. There will always be thieves. While we as artists cannot completely eradicate this thievery we can appeal to our readers to help us keep it to a minimum. Any site that you find on the net that offers free or low cost books, unless it is Amazon please do not download our works.

While some out there either have no clue how hard it is to be a writer much less a published author there are many more who appreciate our craft. Those few who take pleasure in stealing our work and reaping all the royalties for themselves are indeed stealing. Those sites that offer free or discounted books do not send us any royalties for either the hard copies or the downloads. Some of those sites have downloaded paid versions of our books and then set up a download site in PDF for for their own profit.

This is a slap in the face to those of us who have spent years honing our craft to bring enjoyment to our reading public. The question is how would you feel if you worked a 100 hour week only to see someone else get your paycheck? It is the same principle. While it may seem like such a small thing it isn’t. We spend hours researching, writing, rewriting, editing, marketing and trying to sell that which we love. Our work. To have someone else steal it is an insult to us professionally and personally.

While the internet is our friend it is also a double edged sword it can become our enemy as well. However, without the net our reach would be limited especially those of us who are indie authors and depend on the net to market our craft. So please help us to keep the pirating down. It not only hurts us as artists it hurts  you as the reader in the  end. It causes us to have to charge more for our works in order to pay attorneys to keep our works out of the hands of those who would steal it. You as our readers can be our watchdogs. You can refuse to use those sites, in my case if you want a book all you have to do is ask me. I have the latitude of offering it at a reduced rate. That is just one of  the beauties of being an indie author.

On Amazon there are many kindle books that are offered at a reduced rate or free if you are a prime member mine are listed there as well. So the next time you see as site that offers books free or at a obscene rate ask yourself this “How would I feel if I worked hard to make that money and then it was given to someone else.”  If you are really honest with yourself I think you would agree you would not like it and you would do everything in your power to make it stop.

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