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For Those of You Who Wonder What Goes Into Writing a Book

Yesterday I was attending a luncheon that I go to once a month. It is a luncheon where Business Women network and help each other on their journey. I happened to be sitting with someone who I have never met before. We got on the subjects of Authors. She made a very astute comment. She said that most people do not understand what it takes to write a book. We were talking about  my historical novel A Voice From the Grave and that it took four years of research before I even started the book.

She said that when someone sits down to read they do not even consider how much work an author puts into research and thought before they put pen to paper. I started thinking about that this morning as I pondered the projects I am currently working on. She is right, most people do not understand that as authors not only do we have to write a story that keeps people reading we have to make it believable. When we are writing about a specific area in a certain town we need to make sure that what we write is correct. For instance my book Brilliant Insanity takes place in Fort Pierce and Savannah. When I started the book I have to make sure that my places were exactly where they are in real life. I wanted my readers to say  “I know where that place is.”

Brilliant insanity by DEBI for Kindle


When Tim Dorsey writes his books he visits places in Florida to get the history and the feel of the area. That is one reason he only writes one book a year. Research takes time. Making sure the nuance of the area is correct takes time. If we as authors don’t get it right our readers will not be happy.

In The Pink Canary which takes place in Key West, Duval Street is real, the ebb and flow of  the city is real, two of  the clubs are real. If someone reads this book and strolls down Duval they will see two of  the clubs. They will feel the essence of the book. While the Pink Canary is only in my head the clubs on either side are real clubs.


The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

In my book A Voice From the Grave – Andersonville is real. Thousands of soldiers died there. The battles in the book happened, the Generals who gave the orders existed. The museum at Andersonville is really there.

A  Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave


Even in my short story Blood Alley Hwy 27 which runs from Miami to Canada is real. The many wrecks that happen on that two lane blacktop are real.

Blood Alley A Short Story of Horror

Blood Alley A Short Story of Horror


In Tangled Minds the city of Commerce in Jackson County Ga is real. Hwy 92 which runs east and west through that town is real. Jackson County Alabama where Stevenson, Nickajack Dam and other cities in my book they are real.


Tangled Minds

Tangled Minds


In the series I co-write with Andrea Dan Van Scoyoc When Fates Collide and When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound the city of Tampa and Key West are real, New Orleans is real. Things do disappear in the swamps, people do live in the Bayous. Voodoo is still practiced today.

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide

As authors we know our readers are very educated. We know they expect quality – we know that if we don’t get it right they see it. What they don’t know is how much work and effort we put into our stories before we ever start writing. How many hours we spend researching places, people, history, etc. Yes, even with crime fiction, there are hours and hours of research. We want to give our readers quality not just quantity- We want them to turn that last page saying, “I can’t wait to see what is next.”

So please remember the next time you pick up a book- that many many hours, weeks and months have gone into creating something we hope you will enjoy. We pour our hearts and souls into our craft. We eat, sleep and dream of our stories. They follow us around in our heads like second skins. Even when we are not at our computers we are thinking about the next chapter, the next character, whether or not we should kill off a favorite character.

We do not take our craft lightly- we do not take our craft as a joke or a hobby. It is not what we do it is who we are. We are authors- we are wordsmiths who love sharing our craft. We see stories in everything and everyone. We are always working even when we are holding a conversation with someone.

We understand that not every book is for every person- we understand that some will not understand why we write the way we do – We are as diversified as there are stories. That being said, you as the reader must also understand this. You must also understand that each book is written in such a way that if a reader reads with an open mind they will get something out of it. If each reader will read just for the love of reading and not with a critical eye, then they will glean something from each and every book they read. Personally I do not enjoy romance books, however that being said I have learned about many exotic places when I did read them. There are other books that I do not especially care for , but reading them has given me a greater appreciation for those authors and their craft.

The next time that you as a reader feel the need to write a review- remember this- you personally for whatever reason might not have cared for the subject matter. However, someone else will. That someone will read your review and may or may not read that book based on your words. Case in point. I have read reviews on movies and the critics were not kind at all. But I chose to go see for myself and enjoyed the movie for many reasons most of them were the reasons the critic hated it. I see things in a different perspective. I find the little things to be the most fun. Anyone can sit down and read a book just to read  the words – same thing with a movie anyone can sit through a movie just to sit through it. But if we take off the blinders and just enjoy the moment there is a whole new perspective.

So remember, as authors we do not just slap words to paper, we spend hours – days -months and many sleepless nights bringing our stories to life. We leave a bit of ourselves in each story we write. Open your mind, savor the moment, get lost in the story understand that we love what we do – if we didn’t we wouldn’t do it. The reason is simple if we didn’t love it the pain would be to much to bear.





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