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All Things Happen in Their Own Time

As I have gotten older I have learned a few things about life and dreams. The one thing that took me forever to learn is that all things come in their own time and in their own way. We can not rush them nor can we make them happen. Case in point, for over a year things have been quiet where my true crime Silent Scream is concerned. Yeah there have been book sales, and a couple of reviews- one was particularly nasty. (The reader didn’t understand the reason nor the rhyme for the book- but then it was not her cup of tea) Anyway, she became my stalker for a while. I felt like I had arrived in the book world. When I didn’t rise to her bait (after the first day she bored me, I had better things to do than play her childish games) she stopped.

I moved on to my other projects then one day a couple of weeks ago out of the blue I get a phone call from a young woman who is studying Crime Scene Investigations at one of our local colleges. Their teacher had given them a project that involved Gerard Schaefer and the torture and execution of his victims. They project was to put together a plan to investigate the crimes using todays forensics technology which they did not have during those days of Schaefer’s crimes.

The student told me that they had been hitting dead ends everywhere they turned – all of the case files had been destroyed because Schaefer was now dead (he was murdered in prison in 1993 by a fellow inmate) they had no resources except what they could find on the internet and we all know just how accurate that is. (not) They were at a loss as to how they were going to pull off this project.  That is until they talked to someone who just happened to be a very good friend of mine who is an attorney and had worked with my husband at the State Attorney’s office. This friend is very involved with this particular college and he told this young woman to contact me that I was the expert. (What a humbling compliment)- Hence the phone call.

She and five other of her compatriots made a visit to my house and spent four hours going over my research. They all understood why Silent Scream was written the way it was written. They all appreciated the way it was written and they all understood why I feel the way I do about the victims.

Today I will be taking them to two of the known crime scenes. We will be discussing the crimes and what happened. We will be discussing Schaefer’s MO and his need to not only kill but to torture.

I have said since day one when I first started this journey that the girls are driving this train. I have said that they will lead me to open doors when they are ready. They also understand that not everyone will be happy when they read this book. They too understand why I chose to write it the way I did.

Death is never pretty- Murder and Torture is even less so. Serial killers are evil – They kill for power and control- They Torture because it shows their victims who has the power. They instill fear and false hopes because it gives them power. They keep trophies so they can relive the crime over and over again and make it end anyway they choose. When that memory starts to fade they have to kill again- in order to bring back the rush of  the moment.

Silent Scream is not pretty- it was never meant to be pretty- it is not a love story nor does it end happily ever after. Silent Scream is real life. The victims were real their families were real. These girls died a very violent death- These girls were mentally tortured and emotionally tortured and physically before they were ever murdered.

Silent Scream is their story- it is not meant to be entertaining it is meant to be educational- it meant to be a remembrance for the girls and it is meant to help others learn more about the mind of serial killers.

I do not write like Ann Rule nor do I write like any other true crime writer- I refuse to water down the facts. I refuse to give Schaefer any quarter. What he did was unspeakable- hideous and beyond words. He doesn’t deserve any sympathy- that is reserved for the victims.

While I would love for everyone on the planet to read this book- I know that will not happen- I also know that as in the past there will be those who think less than kind about it. That is their opinion- and their alone. It is also their loss. On the other hand there will be those like the kids studying Crime Scene Investigations who will appreciate the fact that I am the expert. I do know what I am talking about and I have the research to back up the story. They are the ones who will benefit most from this book and the useless death of the girls. That is just one way they will always be remembered.

So- if you are an open minded person and you are interested in how the mind of a serial killer works- or if you have read the stuff on the internet and want to know the facts then yes, Silent Scream is a good read for you. However, if you are looking for a happily ever after, what the girls likes and dislikes were, what their grades in school were and all the other dribble that most true crimes authors write about then don’t bother with this book. Because those things are not there. What is there is the raw pain, suffering, cold calculated thought process and the senseless loss of life to nine young women who didn’t deserve any of it.

Silent Scream A True Crime

Silent Scream A True Crime

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  1. It’s true!!! This is not a pretty book and Yvonne Mason doesn’t sugarcoat the murderous acts that monster did.But if you’re a fan of true crime.This is a must read.I had the chance to visit several of the crime scenes and while it was hard(because it becomes real when you see where it happened)its something I will never forget.It will haunt your dreams.
    Great book,it’s a story that needed to be told.For the souls he killed and for the ones who are still not found.This is their story.May they rest in peace.

    Comment by Peter Fundora | June 18, 2013 | Reply

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