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Pennies From Heaven

Pennies From Heaven

Pennies from Heaven has only been released for a couple of days and already it has made the best seller list on Amazon Kindle. I am receiving orders left and right for signed copies of the book which is beyond humbling.

For those of you who don’t know what this little book is about let me just tell you.

Since 2008 I have had one death after another in my family. It all began with my father’s youngest sister who was killed in a head on collision in Alabama in 2008. Shortly after that my mother’s youngest sister was diagnosed with inoperable  cancer she left us in Dec 2010. In April of that same year my baby sister – the only sister I had was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia we lost her in July 2011. Then the tsunami began. Right after my sister died we lost my dad’s sister in law and the last two sisters he had. To say the grief hung over our family like a fog is an understatement. We didn’t have time to grieve before we lost another one.

Because of this I decided to grieve on paper. I guess one could say it was my therapy. I added to the cause by asking others who I had connected with on facebook if  they would be interested in doing the same. The response was overwhelming. Fifteen contributors added their story. Some added more than one. They all told me it helped them to grieve. They all have said that if their story helps one person to grieve and heal then the book has done its job.

Now you might say but I do believe in a higher power- no problem. There are several stories in there by people who do not believe in a higher power. It is their story and very worth telling. you might say but I have lost so many I don’t know where to start- There are stories about someone who lost many. You might say I lost a child no one knows how I feel. I agree no one knows your feelings however there  are stories about losing children and how the writer grieved and felt.

You might say but I haven’t lost anyone yet- but my family member is dying the slow death of dementia or Alzheimer’s well guess what there is a story about that too.


You might say I lost my parents know one knows how that feels, you are right we don’t know how your feel however we have stories of children who have lost parents and they told how they grieved.

You even might say I lost a beloved pet you don’t know how that feels. Again I say no we don’t know how you feel- however we have stories of people who lost their pet one is written by a teenager – they can tell you how they grieved.

This book is a book of love, hope – grief- and memories. It is told by those who wrote their own stories in their own way with their pain and heartache. They talk about how they coped or didn’t cope- how they felt and why they felt that way.

Pennies from Heaven is not faith based however it does have faith based stories it also have non faith based stories. It is a book written with love- pain and acceptance.

We wrote this book with the thought that if just one person could find comfort- strength and the ability to  grieve and move forward with the memories then our job has been done. Please take the time to order it and read it- give it to someone who needs it.

It is now available on on Amazon kindle and Nook – it can also be ordered directly from me and will be signed. If you want to order directly from me contact me at

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