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More Coming with Hope and Alex

Okay boys and girls and children of all ages just when you thought you would not see another book by me for a while it happens. Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc (you remember her she was the Mistress of  the Damned) and I are smack in the middle of the third  When Fates Collide Series.  You remember Hope Harrington the mousy secretary who just had to have a change in her dull life and Alex Morgan the cynical no nonsense bounty hunter. They hooked up in When Fates Collide when Alex thought Hope was her jumper and embarrassed her by taking her down in Hope’s local haunt.

After that it was on like Donkey Kong (for those of you to young to understand it was one of the first video games before you were born). Hope insisted that she hook up with Alex to go after the real jumper – why not she wasn’t busy that weekend- just like she was not busy any weekend.

Hope didn’t know that he life would forever change as she knew it. Each case would be as different as night and day. She would go places meet people and do things that she never expected to do in her drab little life.

When Fates Collide was just the beginning:when fates collied front for press releases

After grabbing their jumper in Key West Hope and Alex are off to New Orleans right in the middle of Mardi Gras to pick up a Marie wanna be who has decided to lead them on a merry chase in the bayou along with a few more colorful characters which makes Hope’s head spin and that is just the beginning. Things as usual do not go as planned and Hope finds herself in a place she never thought she would be. Alex of course isn’t happy she has to not only get her jumper she also has to find Hope who is no MIA during the middle of Mardi Gras (Cue the music from Deliverance):

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

Things go from bad to worse in the newest installment of the Abbott and Costello slapstick ride. After Hope and Alex finish their little adventure in New Orleans with  a little help from their friends they find themselves in St. Marteen looking for an old Nemesis- which turns out to be two of them. This adventure is not complete without a few old friends from Key West one of the being the owner of The Pink Canary:

The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary is owned by a Private Eye named Lou who not only owns the club he is the headliner known as Lola. Lola has a sidekick who is known as Penelope and a new found friend also a drag queen Vicky.


The newest adventure of Hope and Alex begin in St. Marteen and it seems that these three ladies have shown up in St. Marteen at a very good  time. Alex enlists their aid and catching her new jumpers  St.James and of course Momma. This new adventure while starting in St. Marteen ends up back in Key West where Hope once again finds herself in the middle of a situation.


The Abbott and Costello slapstick continues in the newest of the series When Fates Collide Arm Candy. Alex and Hope are running out of time as they try to out think and out smart St. James and Momma in order to get them back to jail. They enlist the aid of St. James’s newest squeeze better known as his arm candy. But as with all of our books things are not always as they seem:When Fates Collide - Arm Candy

If you have not yet read the series or Pink Canary you might just want to pick them up. They are all stand alones however they are funnier when read in sequence. Pink Canary is not part of the series however, the characters were brought into Arm Candy to help out.

Andrea and I are not responsible for wet clothing that you the reader might end up wearing as a result of uncontrollable laughter while reading these books. There are disclaimers in the book to that effect. We just write the stories we are not responsible for  anything that our characters do or cause.

These are great little reads- They are fun and they are entertaining. Arm Candy will be out later this year so you have time to read the others before the release. All of these books are on kindle and nook. They can be purchased on Amazon and Lulu and you can buy direct from me.

So what are you waiting for go have some fun read comedy.

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