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J.K. Rowling Found Out Something We Indies Have Always Known

The other day when the news came out J. K. Rowling had written a book under another name and had only sold around 1500 copies until surprise – surprise it leaked out that it was indeed written by the one and only Ms Rowlings. After that the sales went through the roof.

As Indie Authors we fight this stigma every day. Because we are not published by the big houses and because most of us do not have “Agents” and because most of us are not in box stores we are considered less than authors. People in general have very closed minds when it comes to reading books by anyone other than those who are “Known”. What a shame it is. We Indie Authors produce some fantastic work. We choose to go where others dare not. We are not inhibited by publishing houses that tell us what to write or when to write it. We are not under deadlines to mass produce at least three books a year. We have the advantage of taking our time and to write things that have depth.

What I found interesting with the Rowlings thing was as soon as the sales didn’t happen out came the fact that is was indeed Ms. Rowlings. Like sheep lead to the slaughter there was a mad dash to purchase the book. Readers are like the general public- afraid to try something new. Afraid to step out of that box. That is really sad- they are cheating themselves of a much broader scope of reading.

We work just as hard if not harder at our craft because we have to. We have been maligned by the traditional Publishing houses, laughed out of box stores and told we are not good enough until we have it tattooed on our hands. But we continue to knock down those walls. We continue to build a reader base. We continue to show the world that we have arrived and we are not going anywhere except up.

We do not allow traditional houses to tell us what to write or what to read. They have been doing that far to long. It is time the general public was allowed to make that decision as well. Oh and while on that subject Agents have the same mentality – if they do not like a particular genre they will not promote it to publishing houses, they will let it sit until it dies a natural or unnatural death.

We as indie’s are saying no more. We are taking our destiny and  making it happen. We will not be controlled by what others think. So if you have not read an indie author remember this it is your loss. And we are here to stay.

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