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New Project- Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln Like You Have Never Seen Them

Well Pennies from Heaven is out and When Fates Collide Arm Candy is at the editors soon to be released. Several of you have asked what is next. So here it is. For  couple of years I have been researching the ancestry and other interesting facts about Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln. These two people have interested me for several years. So I started pulling research and buying books about this family.

I decided to write a historical novel about this family – but it I am going where no one has gone before. I am not doing the same tired story of boy grows up poor- boy meets girl- boy marries girl- boy starts a war- boy becomes a hero- oh no kiddies. I am taking this story way back into history and bringing it all the way to the present. Yes, I have that much research.

My plans at this moment are to make this a trilogy there is that much research. Yes, the war of norther aggression will be included. But so will things that you may or may not know about. Like the fact that two of Mary’s brothers were doctors in the Confederate Army and one of them was a sadist.

That is just one of the many things I found on my travels.  Both families had secrets and things that affected their legacy. This is what I bring to the books. So if you are a fan of history or even if you are not – these books will draw you in.

This trilogy will not be written over night but once the first book is out there you will be hooked. So watch for Threads of the Tapestry!

Abraham Mary Todd headshot

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