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Exciting News!!!!!!

   I love Mondays!!! I know that is not the typical response one would expect to see – however I am not a typical person as most of you already know. With that being said let me explain why I make such a statement. 

    For those of you who already know me you know that my all time favorite Holiday barring none, including the silly season aka Christmas, is Halloween. Ever since I was a small child I have loved this day. It is filled with all things that go “bump” in the night. The one day a year when people can let out their inner demons and become whoever they want to be without other folks bringing out the nets.

  So with that little background out of the way, let me move on to why I love Monday. Over the weekend I had an idea. As most of you know I just released Pennies from Heaven which is a book on grief – this book has stories from 15 contributing writers who told their own story – 

   Anyway- I decided to do something that is way off the wall, I decided to do an anthology for Halloween of horror stories and spooky stories and I sent out a message for contributors. Most of the people who are contributing or either indie authors who are not well known, writers who have not yet published or just every day people who love to write. It is just one of the many ways I pay it forward. 

   That is only one reason I love Monday. The second reason is this- There is a wonderful friend in my life that most of you might know. His name is Nicholas Grabowsky. For those of you who are scratching your head and saying “WHO” let me throw out another name for you. Does the name Micheal Myers mean anything to you. Hint- Halloween, you remember the movie? Yes – that Micheal Myers. Nicholas is the one who made that boy famous.

   My friend Nick- has graciously offered to contribute a story to our little book. (He is just that kind of guy) Not only will he be contributing but he will list it on his BBS bookstore and take copies with him to conventions and cons- He will graciously be helping these unknown writers –

  Yes I love Monday.

   So for those of you who know this wonderful man’s works- you may not know that he is also in the publishing business for indie authors who write horror. See how this just keeps getting better and better. If you are into horror or have friends and family who love horror then you need to check out his site. 

  As you know it is getting to be the silly season and this would be the perfect gift for that person who loves to be scared to death. You can also hook up with him on his fan page on facebook that way you will always know what evil and darkness he is releasing. 

  So remember the anthology is coming. I don’t have a name yet- but soon. Go check out Nick and show him some love. You will be glad you did. And pass this along to others who are into things that go bump in the night. They will thank you for it.  

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