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Sometimes Our Great Joy Comes from the Success of Others

A few minutes ago my cover designer Debi DeSantis posted a status on her facebook, it went like this:

“I was honored to receive a very unique opportunity yesterday to design a book cover for actor Bruno Amoto and his cause Wounded Worriers Project. This is very exciting and I will keep you all posted as to how things are going…there are a lot of very important people involved and I will share as the reveal gets closer!”

I sent her a comment letting her know how proud I was for her. She in turn posted this on my facebook page:

“Hey mama, he saw your cover Pennies from Heaven and that is how he found me. So thank you my friend. hugs, Debi”

Now some of you might say “So?”

Well let me just tell you the “So”. In this business we as indies including cover artist have to not only claw our way to the top of the heap we have to fight those in the traditional industry as well. They think we are stealing their readers. That conversation is for another blog- however, the bottom line is we have lived and worked and published in the dark for a long long time. For someone like Bruno Amoto to think that the cover Debi did for Pennies from Heaven was good enough for the Wounded Warriors Project is a compliment to all of us in the industry. She is being recognized for the talented artist that she is. That makes me one proud and happy person.

Debi and I have had a relationship for many years. She has done and redone everyone of my covers for all of my books. That is the first thing people notice when they see my books- my covers. That is what is supposed to happen. The cover is supposed to grab a potential reader. She never ceases to astound me with her creations – All I have to do is give her a small synopsis and let her do her thing. She never fails me. This new venture is a testament to her talent and craft.

I believe that everything in our life happens for a reason. There was more than one reason why I felt compelled to write Pennies from Heaven- maybe this was one of them. It appears that Pennies from Heaven is helping more than those who are grieving- it is helping another part of mankind in a different way.

Check out her website (she is also an author)

her book covers:

make friends with her on facebook:      Author Debi DeSantis   Author Debi DeSantis (Book Cover-Designer)

Trust me when I say that when one pays it forward good things always happen.

This is the cover that Mr. Amoto saw and decided to choose Debi for his project.

I am proud that she is not only my friend but also my partner in Crime so to speak- Way to go Debi

Pennies From Heaven

Pennies From Heaven

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