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Tangled Minds

Tangled Minds

Tangled Minds

Several years ago after I finished releasing Dream Catcher Failure Was Never an Option, I sat down at my computer and wrote this book. The book itself is fiction, however, the storyline is fact. My oldest grandson has ADHD. His mother had him when she was very young. She made some bad decisions, not as bad as my character in the book but bad decisions none the less.

Tangled Minds is loosely based on that life experience. Sadly my grandson continues to make bad decisions and because of it his life has been a series of run ins with law. ADHD is one of the most misunderstood disabilities out there. When he was first diagnosed, I researched everything I could on this divisibility. I understand it so well. However, that being said it can be controlled. The mind is a funny thing – it will only take on a life of its own if we allow it to. Sadly many who have ADHD allow the mind to control the person instead of the other way around.

Tangled Minds is just that, the tangling of actions, reactions and the consequences of those actions and reactions which continue for generations.

If you haven’t yet read this book you need to- if your teens have read this book they need to. It will change the way you think.

” Tangled Minds is a masterpiece. In the fine tradition of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Yvonne Mason leads the reader through the twisted and tangled lives of Brianna Van Pelt and her son, Josh, thrusting us into a Pygmalion dilemma that has consumed scholars for decades. Is there such a thing as a “bad seed”, an individual whose feet are placed upon a path of crime and evil almost from the beginning? Thwarted by her parents’ tough love, seventeen-year-old, single mother, Brianna, allows herself to be drawn into a new world glittering with easy money and false promises, accepting that proposition that no good girl ever should. With her young son, Josh, in tow, she dazzles with new prosperity, fulfilling the fantasies of not only her glorified pimp, Ken Morgan, but those of a judge and a host of depraved, desperate men in their wake.”
Ann B Keller

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Soon You Will be Able to Take The Pink Canary with You

That’s right you heard it here. The Pink Canary is in audio production. Soon you will be able to carry Lola, Penelope and Vicky with you as yo go running, driving, traveling or whatever you do when you are out. The Pink Canary in all of her Pinkness is currently being produced by Brook Forest Voices. They have produced two of my other books Dream Catcher Failure was Never an Option and A Voice From the Grave.

The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

If you haven’t yet read The Pink Canary you are missing out.

“There are bodies piling up in Key West…. Serial Killer? The bodies showing up outside a famous drag bar….is that a clue or a coincidence? A book that delves into the Life of a Drag Queen and a marvelous “Who done it?” Clever! Let’s go into their world of Mascara and Stiletto Heels and observe. Who could be killing all these gay men and why?

Yvonne Mason is the master, or mistress, of mystery in this rip roaring, fishnet stocking twisiting comedy mystery tale. This story could very well could have really happened as Yvonne Mason connects this story with some undisputed truth and history of NYC underworld and the “World Famous 82 Club”… it just might have happened, see for yourself…

The local detectives and cops go on a case that has been haunting the head detective and the main character since their days in the Big Apple. Does the detective has a love/hate relationship with the Drag Queen or is it a lot less Hate and more Love than admitted? Exciting and Hilarious! Who will be next on the list of murder?

The story is as seen through the main character’s eyes and what eyes they are! Lou the mild mannered detective by day and Lola a FABULOUS drag queen by night who can get into all kinds of trouble!! How her friends try to help her find the killer and catch the monster behind these unspeakable murders.

I have been a Drag Queen for over 40 years and this is the first time I have been asked to collaborate on a book. Drag Queens are my speciality and I have worked in Cabaret shows since 1968 as well as extensively in Musical Theater, Television, Radio and Films. I really was excited and honored to help with the book and this book was an ultimate thrill for me.Thanks toYvonne Mason for her faith in me, and for having the insight to choose me to help her navigate this drag queen world. Thanks to Peter for his energy and Marvolous Wit…We will always be connected with this superb Book! ”

Vicky Lane

Yes, the lovely Vicky Lane not only wrote the forward she also appears in this wonderful little comedy.

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