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What Has Happened to Mainstream Publishing?

Even though I am an author my husband and I are both avid readers. Avid as in almost insane readers. However, what we have found here lately is that we are running out of books to read by our favorite “traditional” authors. They are not producing books like they used to. My question is why? This is the time of year that books should be being released like mad ahead of the silly season also known as Christmas.

But they are not out there. It is like they have gone underground. I don’t know what is happening. I do know that more and more indies are blooming and I am loving it.

Traditional houses and all that goes with it including agents, etc for so many years has dictated what we as readers can read and what authors can write and how much of it they can write that the market is flooded with the same story line, the same characters and the same dialogue all under a different title. Are we getting smarter as readers or are we just getting bored. Frankly I am the later. Which is a shame because I at one time looked forward to the latest release by many of my favorite traditional authors. Now not so much. They are in a box and must write what they are told. That is sad. Now they are running out of ideas, characters and plots. They are not allowed to use their natural talent to explode with new ideas. They have to crank out books like they are machines and then they are ripped by the houses to nothing. Greed comes into play here. Not on the author’s part but on the part of the houses – Such a shame. We are losing authors to death every day and we are losing their talent along with it.

I have taken a step back and have stopped reading those authors that I once enjoyed- they have become boring. I would rather spend my time watching paint dry as to read some of their books. I know they are better than what they are putting out there- but alas they are not allowed to step out of the box –

I am turning more and more to those authors who are not so well known- you know those hated indie authors- yea those who make the traditional houses cringe. The reason is simple they don’t have to work inside a box, in fact they don’t know what a box is. They write from the heart not the pocket book.

So if you are as tired as I am of reading the same old thing- of knowing the end before you get through the first chapter- then look up some indie authors you might find that you have discovered diamonds that you didn’t know were out there.

Yes, we do exist and we are not going anywhere except up. We might not get rich and from the looks of it neither are the mainstream authors, but we do know how to pack a punch in our books. We know how to keep the reader turning that page wondering if they have the correct ending in their head and then finding out no they didn’t. So if you like me are sick of the same old thing and want to titillate your mind then check out indie authors. You won’t be sorry.

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