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T Minus 8 Days and Counting

Satan's Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare

That’s right eight days before the two not one but two horror anthologies are released and sent out through the universe. Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare. I have done some off the wall things in my writing career. I have written things that most people won’t even talk about out loud. I have ruffled feathers, had stalkers, and written outside the box. This project has been by far the most challenging of all my projects. I have released back to back books before, but until now I have not released two books at the same time with stories from so many different contributors. This was interesting to say the least. So many personalities- so many details to make sure the books are unique. So many stories- poems – flash fictions and even a couple of real hauntings.

When I started this project it was just going to be my short stories that I had written – however, I got to thinking, so many people gave me a chance when I first started out after years and years of floundering and not knowing how to go about making my dream real. It was time to give back – time to see how many out there had a dream that they wanted to make real. Well, I have been told many times be careful what you ask for. The response was so overwhelming it even left me speechless.

In this industry the standard is usually 10-15 contributors with one story each. And most of the time there are specific “guidelines” to follow like werewolves, vampires etc. Well, not this girl, I wanted to see just what was out there. The only guidelines was it could not be erotica for one it is not my bag and for two I wanted to reach a large audience. So the call went out, the response was as diverse as the contributors. I didn’t turn down not one contributor. That is also something that is unheard of. Each one who wrote was put in the book. Not everyone who sent in a story had been published before this project. So for them this was like Christmas and they don’t even have the books yet. When they get them it will be – well there are no words when you hold that first publication in your hands.

To add to their excitement they will be in the same book no matter which book with Nicholas Grabowsky. Who is well known for his horror – He wrote Halloween IV and has been scaring the pants off readers for years. My contributors were so excited to know this I don’t know how they have contained themselves.

Dreams do come true- Ask each of the wonderful people who reached down inside themselves and wrote for me. Scared though they were of rejection (that is for someone else to do not me) they wrote and hoped it would be good enough. Well not only was it good enough- they are in print.

It is never to late to make your dream real- it is never to late to fly! Just ask those who have just flown. They will tell you. One of them is so excited he couldn’t get his questions to me out fast enough.

I hope that each of you will support these authors – yes they are now authors- and buy these books, they will have them for sale in their home state in on their person as well as on Amazon, Kindle – Nook and Lulu.
I am so very proud of this project so proud that we are gearing up to do it next year as well.

So get ready T-8 Days and Counting Satan’s Holiday and Welcome to Your Nightmare will soon explode on the universe.

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