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Indie Authors Offer More than Just Downloads and Paperback Books

Indie authors have broken through yet another glass ceiling that was up until a while back closed to us. That’s right we now offer audio books to our readers. These books are found on places like itunes – Amazon- and and ambling books just to name a few. We might not be in the stores but we are all over the net. In my case they can also be bought directly from mh producer Brookforest Voices. You can also like our page on facebook and keep with the latest releases, upcoming releases and other tidbits of fun. There are you tube videos, and there will be excerpts so you can hear enough to make you want to get the books. We have made it easy for you we have uploaded the sites where you can hop over and download on any device or even order the cd and put it in your car.

So don’t waste another moment hop over there like our page and keep up with the latest news. Yes indeed we are out there. Yvonne Mason, Ashley Fontainne and Barbara Watkins just to start.

Dream Catcher Failure Was Never An Option

Dream Catcher Failure Was Never An Option

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Thoughts to Ponder

I was just talking to my husband who is an avid reader. When I say I avid I really mean rabid. So his opinion and thoughts are worth listening to. One of the things he makes a point to read is the acknowledgements in each book. He said he noticed something – the authors of the traditional houses thank at least thirteen people in the “creative” department.

This department includes the editor which we all should use, the proofreader we may or may not need to use who winds up rearranging the book their way and the author’s imprint is lost and other assortment of “creative” people maybe even the janitor who get paid off of that author’s book once it is sold.

Now this is money out of the royalty which that author should be getting. My husband said something that stuck with me, obviously these are the experts in what people want to read. My response was “No it is what the public has been taught to read.” When that is all that is out there because that is all the publishing houses will print then that is what people will read. It is conditioning. Sort of like being abused. If you are told you are worthless long enough then you believe it. If you are told that this is really what you want to read because it is this or nothing then you read it.

He also had observed that most traditional authors books are getting thinner in other words the story is not fleshed out, the characters are one dimensional- the place is not described, etc. Sort of a wham! bam! thank you maam! without being kissed.

He stated that he noticed that those authors who only put out one book a year have a better book, their research is better, the story line is better and the characters are fleshed out. He named several authors whose books are getting thinner and thinner. James Patterson, was one of them. We all know he gives the storyline to unknown authors who fill in the blanks which is great for them- however there is no meat on that bone. They crank out four to five books a year – can one say boring.

For us indie authors we do not have those restrictions, we are not under a contract that requires us to crank out four sub standard books in a year. We can take our time to do our homework, flesh out our characters – fine tune our plot and deliver a wonderful piece of work.

The bottom line is sadly traditional authors have become like professional athletes they are a commodity to be bought and sold at will. To be hampered in their creative state to conform to the whims and wishes of the talking heads just to make a buck. Forget quality work, forget creative talent- crank out garbage for the dollar to go in the pockets of the houses, not the author.

Yes, there might have been 1,000,000 books printed but how many are sitting in warehouses that have been returned because they were not sold in the store? How many chargebacks were placed against that author’s royalties because the books were returned. These are things that most people never consider when they are on their quest to write. They only see the smoke and mirrors of the houses touting how wonderful the author is doing.

Next time you pick up a well known author do your home work and see how many books he put out in a year, then go back and read the synopsis of those books I think you will find that the story line is the same just a different city.

Garbage in Garbage out! And sadly it is not that author’s fault they are no longer allowed to be creative, they are at the mercy of the house. Their contract demands it.

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