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I am Asking for a Personal Favor Outside the Scope of My Books this is a revision we had to change the Paypal account information

I am putting out a personal plea outside the scope of my books in fact it has nothing to do with my books, it has to do with my oldest son who is ill. The doctors do not appear to have a grip on what is causing his illness. However, this illness is keeping him from earning a living for his family. He is an Over the Road truck driver and due to this unexplained illness he cannot work. For a few weeks he was able to collect his short term disability however Sunlife the provider has been less than professional with him. He received his last check today which was supposed to be about 2000.00 it was only 403.00 – his wife had promised their landlord and other people that she would have the money to pay them today that did not happen. They stand to be evicted among other things if I can not raise the money to help them. They have no family in Texas where they live and do not have the funds to move it they are evicted. This is just the short list.

Even thought he cannot work right now he is considered to be still employed to he can not get his 401K funds – so they are really in a bind. I have set up a facebook page as well as a paypal account if anyone of you would go over and like this page and pass it on to those in your network and donate just a dollar a person I would be forever in your debt. – the paypal account in on the page There has been a paypal account set up for this family you can contribute this way they need your support badly even if it is just one dollar at a time.

Thank you one and all for anything you are able to do.

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  1. Be more than happy to help out to this cause but had rather give you a blank money order in which I can purchase over the weekend from my job. I will be in touch. You and your family are in my prayers. Love, janet

    Comment by Janet Mills | October 19, 2013 | Reply

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