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Ever since I first heard about the GQ article and the interview with one of America’s most loved icons I have been reading what others have said including the gay community and thinking about how I would write this blog. I have arrived at a couple of conclusions. First let me say, I am a Christian I believe in God, the Bible and all that goes with it. I have faith in those things which I can not see. I also believe in our rights and one of those rights is the ability to state our opinion when asked. While it may not always be the “popular” opinion we are entitled to those opinions. That being said let me give you my take on this for what it is worth.

First and foremost, those who are in the gay community (and I have many friends who are of that persuasion) and are comfortable in their skin have stood behind Phil and his statement. They understood that he was expressing his belief and his faith. They understand that under the rights we enjoy he can do that and should not be persecuted for it.
They also understand that if he is censored for his belief then they also stand the same chance of being censored in their lifestyle and opinions.

Second,As a nation we have become jaded on so many levels. We hold Miley Cyrus up as a fine example of how our girls should behave then wonder what happens when she gets raped or worse and yet we condemn a man who has no problem stating out loud his faith and his beliefs. We allow soft porn to be shown in prime time when our children are watching TV and that is okay. Disney is allowed to use innuendos in their movies in order to make it more interesting for the adults who have to carry their kids to the movies in order to sell tickets.

There are very few if any shows or movies now made that doesn’t feel that in order to make the said film more powerful that explicit sex scenes have to be shown even if it has nothing at all to do with the plot. The young entertainers in the music industry feel they have to be undressed and gyrate all over each other in order to perform. IF they really believed in the talent they say they have this would not be part of the act.

We allow and encourage our comedians to use language that is like running fingernails down a chalkboard.

All of these things we accept without question, in fact we pay good money to go see them and if we are told that we could no longer have these icons, there would be hell to pay. Boycotts, articles in the papers and magazine, breaking news reports, lawsuits, and a number of other outrages.

However, when it comes to a man who speaks up for what he believes these same people are the first ones to nail him to a cross. We as a nation have become so jaded and so intolerant that we have forgotten that each and every one of us is entitled to our belief, no matter what that belief is. We are entitled to voice that belief especially when we are asked about that belief. I have lived by a mantra most of my life, “If you don’t want to know then don’t ask.” The reason is you might now want to hear what I have to say.

Everyone who has ever watched the Duck Dynasty knows where this family stands, they understand that they have certain beliefs and faiths. Those who have never watched it or are jealous of the success of this family will never understand that premise. GQ(Gentlemen’s Quarterly) will never get it. Neither will those who have closed minds and narrowed beliefs. Those who are not comfortable in their own beliefs and faiths and those who are always looking to tear down others because they are not comfortable in those beliefs and faiths.

A&E is one of those in the latter category. They have always known how this family feels. They have known since day one. To pretend righteous indignation now is hypocritical at best and stupid at worst. If this had been a Miley Cyrus article and she had made or done anything like swinging naked on a ball they would have built a show around it. Again we have become jaded.

My last point in this episode of How Stupid are We is this, if you do not like to watch Duck Dynasty turn the channel, if you are offended grow a pair- That is what my brother who is challenged had to do many many years ago when he was called Retarded by a neighbor hood boy. Yes, he is retarded and no I will not be politically correct. That is what he is. He knows it our family knows it in fact the entire world knows it. That being said, when some idiot person decides to use that term he looks at them like they have two heads. The reason he knows it is only words and those words can not effect who he is. That is a warm loving – kind successful man.

AS for the A&E channel- you are the losers. You who knew about this family before you ever wanted them to do a show, you who became a byword and a must watch channel because of this family. Shame on you! Shame on you for being so narrow minded – blind and so stupid that you would not back the very hand that feeds you. Instead of driving a wedge because of your actions you have united two different sides of the fence. You have done what many have said could not be done.

Unless Phil is brought back and unless a apology is given to that family I and my house will not be watching anything on A&E again. Oh and by the way the Bonnie and Clyde movie was not even worth watching. Poorly done in script and acting. But that review is for another day and time.

One final thought- no matter your faith, not matter your belief never be afraid to speak out. Do not hide your light under a bushel for when you do – pretty soon it will go out.

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